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In 2024, we will be reading this plan together. It is a 2-year, through the Bible plan prepared by Stephen Witmer. Following this plan might be a great way to order your Bible reading and keep many of us in the church reading the same passages each day.

We will publish the daily readings here, on the church app, and in the bulletin each week, along with some reflections and thoughts about the sermon each weekend. You can track along on the app or website, where a song is included each day! We look forward to this journey through the Bible together as a church family in 2024-2025.

Daily Worship

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Daily Worship - Weekend, 12/9-12/10/2023

Prepare: Psalm 27:7-14 Read John 1:1-5, 14 Think Last week, Pastor Mike preached on Isaiah 9:6, and the sure hope we have now, even in the darkness of this present age. For unto us a child is born. In this passage in John, we see that the Word was in the Beginning, the Word is life and light, and the darkness does not overcome this light. What hope does this give us...

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Daily Worship - Friday, 12/8/2023

Prepare: Psalm 27:1-6 Read Ezra 8:1-36 Think From Ezra 6:16-22, we know that there were priests and Levites in Jerusalem. Why do you think Ezra felt it necessary to have more Levites travel to Jerusalem? The trip to Jerusalem would take 4 months (Ezra 7:8-9), giving plenty of time for attacks by bandits or enemies of Israel. If you had been in Ezra's shoes, would yo...

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Daily Worship - Thursday, 12/7/2023

Prepare: Psalm 26:1-12 Read Ezra 7:1-28 Think In Ezra 1, we learned that 42,360 Israelites had returned from Babylon. Why do you think God wanted to add Ezra to that? What made Ezra special? What desire had God planted in Ezra's heart? What shows us that God's hand was upon Ezra? Sending a teacher of the law was important to God, so the law should be important to us...

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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 12/6/2023

Prepare: Psalm 25:11-22 Read Esther 9:1-10:3 Think We've already covered this a few times, but one of the main messages running throughout Esther is that God has different plans than people do, and he orders our lives to carry them out. Not only are they different, they are sometimes even opposite. We see that in 9:1 where it says "the reverse occurred." The Jews in...

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Daily Worship - Tuesday, 12/5/2023

Prepare: Psalm 25:1-10 Read Esther 7:1-8:17 Think Do you see another Gospel connection in this section? The fear that comes over Haman in chapter 7 is similar in some ways to the fear that we would have if God had not sent his Son to provide a means of reconciliation for us. But, God has worked through Jesus to offer forgiveness to those of us who will put our trust...

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Daily Worship - Monday, 12/4/2023

Prepare: Psalm 24:1-10 Read Esther 5:1-6:14 Think In chapter 6, not only do we see God continue to carry out his plan of protection for his people, we also get an example of what Luke talks about in Luke 18:14. Haman is clearly exalting himself while Mordecai seems to do the opposite. During the king's restless night of sleep, he became aware of or was reminded of w...

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Daily Worship - Weekend, 12/2-12/3/2023

Prepare: Psalm 23:1-6 Read Isaiah 9:6, Galatians 4:4-7 Think The word Advent means coming. The Advent season is a special time that many Christians observe each year to both celebrate the First Advent of Christ, when the "Word was made flesh and dwelt among us" and to look with hope at the Second Advent, when Christ will return. This Sunday is the first Sunday of Ad...

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Daily Worship - Friday, 12/1/2023

Prepare: Psalm 22:22-31 Read Esther 4:1-17 Think In Esther 4, the queen is faced with an incredibly difficult decision. A plot has recently been created to destroy all the Jews, a group of which she is a member. Her uncle, Mordecai, tells her that she should go to the king to plead for their lives. But, this also comes with the risk of death because the law of the t...

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Daily Worship - Thursday, 11/30/2023

Prepare: Psalm 22:12-21 Read Esther 3:1-15 Think Chapter 3 introduces us to Haman, a ruler who creates a plan to destroy the Jews, God's people. What connections or similarities do you see between the story of Esther and the Gospel? In the story of Jesus, people seek to kill God's own Son. But, God works for his glory and watches over his people. Pray Praise God ...

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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 11/29/2023

Prepare: Psalm 22:1-11 Read Esther 2:1-23 Think God's sovereign plan continues with Esther being chosen out of a multitude of other young women to be the next queen. It also includes Mordecai discovering a plot to harm the king. God doesn't always work the way we expect. Do you trust in His plan? Pray God is still working out his plans around the world to this da...

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