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In 2024, we will be reading this plan together. It is a 2-year, through the Bible plan prepared by Stephen Witmer. Following this plan might be a great way to order your Bible reading and keep many of us in the church reading the same passages each day.

We will publish the daily readings here, on the church app, and in the bulletin each week, along with some reflections and thoughts about the sermon each weekend. You can track along on the app or website, where a song is included each day! We look forward to this journey through the Bible together as a church family in 2024-2025.

Daily Worship

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Daily Worship - Weekend, 9/30-10/1/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:97-104 Read Titus 2:1-10 Think We are taking a 3-week look at this passage. Last week, Pastor Mike emphasized the way the "doctrine of God" looks on us when we wear it (like clothing). This week, we will consider specifically what this means for older men and women. What does it look like for an old man to "wear the doctrine of God"? Old women? Ho...

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Daily Worship - Friday, 9/29/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:93-96 Read Micah 6:1-7:20 Think In the midst of God's frustration with his rebellious people, he declares quite plainly and simply what he desires from them (6:8). Memorize this classic and powerful verse: do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with God! Instead, Israel's worship is self-centered and misplaced. What sins are they guilty of? What a...

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Daily Worship - Thursday, 9/28/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:89-92 Read Micah 4:1-5:15 Think Can you identify the five pronouncements of salvation here? 4:1-5 salvation for the nations at Zion through the Lord our God. 4:6-7 salvation for the regathered remnant, including the needy. 4:8-13 salvation for the remnant by the power and plan of God. 5:1-5a salvation through a coming ruler from Bethlehem! Amen. ...

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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 9/27/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:85-88 Read Micah 1:1-3:12 Think "Like Amos, Micah was particularly forceful in his denunciation of the social morality of Judah. His prophecies contain a heavy emphasis on attacking the mere externality of the people's worship." (Sailhamer) Woe to that people against whom God himself is a witness (1:2) and Judge (1:3-4). As we have previously seen...

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Daily Worship - Tuesday, 9/26/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:81-84 Read Jonah 1:1-4:11 Think Today we read the entire book of Jonah. What was Jonah's assignment from God? Why was it foolish to flee? Why is it foolish for us to flee from doing what God commands? Why was Jonah thrown into the sea? How did the seamen respond to this? Reflect for some moments on Jonah's prayer. What effect did the turning of Ni...

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Daily Worship - Monday, 9/25/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:77-80 Read Obadiah 1:1-21 Think "Edom" represents "the nations who were the professed enemies of God's people Israel" and "portrays God's judgment on these nations." (quotes all Sailhamer) In vv. 1-16, Edom is all too happy for the destruction brought against Jerusalem and Judah. God warns them against their gloating, rejoicing, and boasting over ...

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Daily Worship - Weekend, 9/23-9/24

Prepare: Psalm 119:73-76 Read Titus 2:1-10 Think Last week, Pastor Mike highlighted some of the character traits and behaviors associated with those who repudiate sound doctrine. In Titus 2:1-10 (the text of this week's sermon) Paul goes to the other side of that count. In this passage he provides specific life-style instructions for every demographic in the church ...

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Daily Worship - Friday, 9/22/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:69-72 Read: Amos 7:1-9:15 Think: 1. (7:1-3) 2. (4-6) 3. (7-9) [note: what is a plumb line?] Beginning with v. 10, the prophetic ministry of Amos is explained. 4. (8:1-3) In the rest of chapter 8 follows the now familiar and unfortunate pattern: the people love injustice, God promises judgement, a famine of truth. 5. (9) A vivid vision of judgeme...

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Daily Worship - Thursday, 9/21/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:65-68 Read: Amos 5:1-6:14 Think: Three woes are introduced, as destruction for a defiant and sinful people is prophesied. Memorable: the phrase "seek the Lord and live." Take that to heart! Ponder, perhaps even memorize, the powerful statement of God's creative glory and judgement (Amos 5:8-9). Woe #1: God calls out the sin of injustice and call...

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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 9/20/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:61-64 Read: Amos 3:1-4:13 Think: "This series of sayings draws out the implications of the previous oracles against the nations. If God would punish the nations for their wickedness, how much more would he punish Israel and Judah, who ought to have known better, given their special status before God." (Sailhamer) In ch. 4, their future captivity...

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