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During the middle hour (9:55 - 10:45) we offer classes for children, youth, and adults. See below for a current list of classes offered.

Faith University (Adults)

What Did you Expect?

Marriage is one of the most rewarding relationships that God has created for mankind. For Christ-followers this relationship is much more than just two people agreeing to live together and tolerate one another. This class is a deep dive into His purpose for the marriage relationship and what God desires to accomplish in and through our marriages. Each lesson consists of a 25-minute video presentation by Paul David Tripp, followed by 20-30 minutes of questions, discussion and feedback.  

 Please understand that attendance in this class does not indicate you are struggling with your own marriage! Maybe you are contemplating marriage or are newly married and in need of some direction. This is an opportunity to grow and strengthen a marriage using Biblical principles. And, perhaps you have loved ones, friends, neighbors or others who may seek your advice about marriage. This is a great way to acquire some tools of understanding and equip you to provide help. 


     -We are God’s tools of Grace 

     -Diagnosing marriage problems 

     -The Responsibilities of being God’s Ambassador 

     -Understanding a Marriage Culture of Grace 

     -Appreciating and dealing with our Differences 

Genesis 1-11 Beginning and Foundation

 In this class we will explore the first 11 chapters of Genesis, Creation to Babel, and learn about our beginnings…creation, relationships, work, etc., and the foundation of our faith. Dr Henrietta Mears once stated that “Genesis is the record of beginnings of all these things. No wonder that when people, because of spiritual blindness, reject God’s revelation in this record of beginnings, they worship chance as the creator, beasts as their ancestors and fallen humanity as the flower of natural evolution.” Join us as we explore the Creation, the Fall, the Flood and the Tower of Babel.

Strange New World

Note: This class will not be for everyone, but back by popular demand. This video series by Dr Carl R Trueman will focus on investigating the origin of identity politics throughout pop culture--including social media, the sexual revolution and the expressive individualism of today. Dr Trueman will help us explore how the church should respond to these influences and what effect these influences will have on free speech and religion. Guided by scripture and discussion questions, we will explore issues around personal identity from a biblical perspective.


Scripture Revealed - Room 224

2 Timothy 3:16-17 discusses the role of scripture and how we can become equipped to use it in different situations. As a believer, knowing God’s word becomes an essential part of deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ. We will use the Discovery Bible Method, as a tool to let the sufficiency of scripture do the heavy lifting. We will discuss this simple to facilitate and easy to replicate approach, let scripture reveal insights from God’s word, and how to apply it in our daily lives. Young adults (ages 18 – 27) are welcome to join us for a time of warm fellowship and engaging discussions.


Visit the Children’s Ministry Check-In Center on the 2nd floor to find the appropriate classroom/s and receive registration instructions. We request your child be toilet trained before attending.