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Daily Worship - Sunday, 4/14/2024



Deuteronomy 10-11

Psalm 104



The sermon for Sunday, April 14, is on the most famous verse in the Bible: John 3:16. Spend some time meditating on that verse before the service this weekend! 



For the month of April 2024 we will be using the book of Romans each day to guide our prayers. 

Romans 13:1 

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.” 

Pray for our country and governing officials. Pray that they would rule justly and do what is right and good for all. Pray for the conversion of lost governing officials, that they would experience a true heart change, repent, and turn to Christ. Pray for peace in our country amid the sharp divisions. Ask God to give you peace regardless of political circumstances and to help you “be subject” to the governing authorities, always standing firm in the truth, but with Christlikeness, with all “gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15). 

You can also take some time bring these things before the Lord. 

  • Confess your sins. 
  • The Lost 
  • The Church 
  • Your Needs 



  • Why does verse 16 begin with the word, ‘for’? 
  • In what sense did God give his only Son? 
  • What does it mean to believe in him? 
  • Define “perish” and “eternal life”. 
  • What hope does this give us in evangelism, missions, intercessory prayer and for our hope in life and in death? 



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