Women’s Study of Titus

The Letter of Paul to Titus:
According to His Mercy. Justified By His Grace.

Join other women at Faith Baptist for a close look at the New Testament’s Letter to Titus. This study will be a chapter-by-chapter study of Titus emphasizing personal study and group discussion. We will use the study process outlined in Jen Wilkin’s Women of the Word. 

Some women in the study will be in a season of life where time for quiet study is readily available, others will be in a season where quiet moments are rare. Women in those seasons and everywhere in between are welcomed to join together to be changed by God’s Word.

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Dates: Sept. 8 & 10 through Nov. 10 & 12, 2020.

Please sign up by Sunday, August 23 to allow us time to prepare materials.

  • Tuesdays: 9:00 – 10:30 AM at South campus
  • Thursdays: 7:30 – 9:00 PM at West campus


  • Due to COVID-19, the leadership team decided to not offer childcare this fall, but hopes to again in the near future. We moved the evening study start time later (post-supper and close to bedtime for small children) to hopefully allow moms to participate while their kids are in bed. We also have a list of middle and high school babysitters from Faith Baptist who are interested in doing childcare in homes. Email [email protected] for the list! Please work out an agreeable payment plan with your sitter.
  • If a spouse or family member is unable to watch your children during the evening study and a childcare scholarship would be helpful, please contact Lindsey Philips ([email protected]). Moms are welcome to bring infants along with them to either study time. Thanks for your flexibility and understanding during this time!


The cost of the study is $20 for materials and to support in-home childcare scholarships for moms. Please make checks payable to Faith Baptist Fellowship and bring payment during the first two weeks of the study. If you are unable to pay in this season of life, please let your study leader know or pay what you are able.

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One Church. Two Locations.

You are more than welcome to attend any session regardless of where you attend on Sunday morning. If you’d like to attend a morning session but go to West campus, please join us at the South campus group and vice versa.

What Faith Baptist Women Have Said About This Study Process?

“I loved the completely different format of this study—it went so much deeper than many others I’ve done.”

“It was helpful slowly going through the study method at first then having the accountability each week to do it on my own. It helped me realize the inductive study method wasn’t as intimidating or difficult to implement as I thought. :)”

“It has helped me to be more conscious of the background and context of scripture and has encouraged me to look up meanings, cross references, etc. It has also reminded me of the importance of prayer in connection to the studying of the Word.”

“I loved how rich the application part was after spending so much time comprehending and interpreting the text. The application came so much more easily and meant so much more after having spent significant time studying the text. I’m so glad to have joined this study this fall. I learned a lot, was able to connect with others from my church, and grew spiritually, too.”