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Our Vision

To be a vibrant, healthy family of Christ-like believers
proclaiming a cross-centered gospel, living cross-centered lives.


By "cross-centered" we mean that we strive to keep the truth of the gospel central in all that we do. It is central to what we proclaim, (our doctrine), and it is central to how we live, (our culture). As believers who have been adopted into God’s family through Jesus Christ, we aspire to be a church that consistently proclaims the gospel that has saved us and consistently lives in a manner that reflects our love for Christ, one another, and our neighbors.


Our Mission

To honor God by making more disciples for Jesus Christ
and equipping them for growth and service.


The word “disciple” means “follower.” To be a Christian is to be a lifelong follower of Jesus Christ, seeking, by grace, to become more like him. As we proclaim the gospel, we desire to see more and more people believing in and following Jesus Christ. By equipping them for growth and service, our hope is that these disciples will, in turn, make more disciples.

Our Five Loves

How do we stay focused on our vision and mission? Our Five Loves help us assess and evaluate our progress as we seek spread the good news of Jesus and Christ make disciples. Learn more about our Five Loves.