Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new and improved Faith Baptist Fellowship website! We are really excited about the new site. This is the first effort of our newly formed Media & Communications team. The team exists to help communicate Faith’s vision and the truths of the gospel using the best visual, technological, and media tools at our disposal. So how did we go about creating this new site? Well, it started by outlining our objectives and our determining our target audience. Below is a summary of our initial “creative brief” to give you an idea of how the new site developed.


Our team believes that Faith Baptist Fellowship’s website needs updating so as to present information in a visually pleasing and clear way that encourages people to visit.


What is the purpose of the new site?

  • To clearly communicate the gospel
  • Invite people to hear the gospel by attending Faith Baptist Fellowship
  • Display how people can live out the gospel at Faith

Target audience

Who are we talking to? Who do we want to design a new website for?

Primary: People interested in attending Faith Baptist Fellowship or people who are curious about the gospel (the following are fictional “types” of people)

  • Meet “Blake”. He’s 28 years old. He’s a college graduate working in his chosen field in Sioux Falls. He is married, has a growing family and is looking for a church home. He grew up in the church and is actively seeking a relationship with Christ. He enjoys technology and spends a significant amount of his time online each day. He values accessing information on the go and applications that make his life easier.
  • Meet “Anne”. She’s 24. She is a college graduate working in Sioux Falls and taking online courses to complete her master’s degree. She grew up going to church on holidays, but is interested in learning more about how the Bible applies to her daily life. She most likely cannot give you a definition of sanctification or gospel and has never heard of Habakkuk.
  • Meet the “Johnson’s”. They are in their forties. They recently moved to Sioux Falls from Omaha and are looking for a church to attend regularly. They have four kids ranging from 5 -15 years old.
  • Meet “Dave and Kay”. They are in their late sixties and have retired to Sioux Falls. They enjoy using their iPads and smartphones to access information and keep up with their grandkids.

Secondary: Regular attendees and members of Faith. (Information that applies to this audience gives the primary audience a glimpse of life at Faith).

  • Meet “you”. Attendees at Faith range from newborn to 90. The technology skill levels and comfort ability vary greatly.

Design & Feel

We want the design and “tone” of the new site to be clear, mature, authentic and inviting. We want to help site visitors understand what makes Faith Baptist Fellowship unique; namely, we are committed to teaching directly from the Bible to enable people live out the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, Faith is a Christ-centered, multi-generational church with the gospel at the forefront. After visiting the site, our hope is that a person will feel welcome and informed enough to come visit Faith Baptist on a Sunday morning.


Our team feels like this new website hits all the objectives we set out to achieve (and then some!). We hope this is a site you are proud to share with people who may be looking for a church home in Sioux Falls. This website is all about connecting people to the life-giving gospel. Poke around the new site. We hope you enjoy it!