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What is Stepping Forward?Stepping Forward logo
Over the last two years, it has become abundantly clear that God is calling Faith Baptist to reach more lost people in the city of Sioux Falls for Christ. More than 251,000 people live in the Sioux Falls area, yet one study finds that just 36% of South Dakotans attend church services on a weekly basis. After months of prayer and consideration, our congregation voted overwhelmingly to respond to this calling by making plans to launch a second location of Faith Baptist on the west side of Sioux Falls and by remodeling our existing facility on 57th and Minnesota to increase capacity and more effectively minister the gospel.

To fund these initiatives, the congregation authorized a capital campaign called Stepping Forward. We are praying that God will provide our congregation with $900,000 through this campaign during the next three years. Our prayer is that $300,000 will be raised prior to March 1st, 2018 and that an additional $600,000 will be raised by December 31st, 2020.

Why do we need a west-side campus?
Approximately 50,000 people live west of I-29 in Sioux Falls, yet there are only 10 churches in Sioux Falls west of I-29.  Studies consistently show that planting churches and congregations is one of the best strategies to reach non-believers for Christ. We believe that God is calling our congregation to partner with him in a greater way to spread the gospel in the city of Sioux Falls and that there is an immense opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission by planting a church on the west side.

Why do we need to remodel our 57th and Minnesota campus?
Our Sunday services are bursting at the seams. Most church research would indicate that a service is full when 80% of the seats are filled, because not everyone is comfortable sitting right next to someone they may not know. Newcomers that arrive just as services begin may find that the only seats available are in the front row. Our dream is to be able to welcome seekers and new believers into the Faith family. By reconfiguring our worship center, adding additional parking, moving children’s worship to the main level and making a few other changes, we will be able to accommodate dozens of new attendees in each service with a modest construction budget.

Why do we need a capital campaign?
It would not be possible to launch a west-side campus and to remodel our 57th and Minnesota campus without exhausting our church’s existing financial resources. A capital campaign will allow the church to launch a second location, remodel our existing facility, and add additional parking, without taking on debt or diminishing the church’s strong current position.

How will the funds from Stepping Forward be spent?

  • Second Site – We project that it will cost between $610,000 and $625,000 to launch the second site and operate it for the first three years. This number includes rental facility, equipment, and a wide variety of operational and ministry expenses. Pastor Jayson’s budget analysis for this is available upon request. Rapid growth could raise this projection over time.
  • Facility Upgrades – We project that it will cost an additional $150,000 to $200,000 to complete the remodeling project and parking expansion at our 57th and Minnesota location. We are also projecting that it will cost between $50,000 and $75,000 to fully upgrade our audio-visual systems during the remodel. These improvements will improve our capabilities in the newly-remodeled worship center and (hopefully) allow us to send video projection to screens in other parts of the building. Please note that final estimates for construction costs are not yet available.

As the Elders and finance team monitor income from this special giving opportunity, it is our hope that additional funds will be available to enhance our outreach and missions giving giving as well, toward special opportunities or projects.

How can I pray for Stepping Forward?
Pastor Dana has prepared a prayer guide which can be downloaded here.

What are some different ways that I can give to Stepping Forward?
We anticipate that most members of the congregation will give cash toward Stepping Forward. We also recognize that there are certain tax benefits for gifting stock, mutual funds, real estate or other investments directly to a non-profit. For example, if you wanted to donate some stock and give the proceeds to the church, you could avoid capital gains tax by gifting the stock directly to the church rather than by selling the stock at your brokerage and gifting the proceeds to the church. If you are interested in making a non-cash gift toward Stepping Forward please contact either Matthew Paulson or Dennis Cromwell. The Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation ( may also be able to help liquidate investments of $15,000 or more for charitable giving purposes.

Who will be asked to participate in Stepping Forward?
Stepping Forward is a whole-church initiative for our congregation to come together and respond to God’s calling. Our prayer is that every member and regular attender will participate, regardless of age or economic status. We are hoping to see commitments from five-year-olds and fifty-year-olds, from single individuals and families, from stay-at-home moms and businessmen, and from college students and retirees. If you consider Faith to be your home church, we ask you to prayerfully consider participating in whatever way you are able.

How can I make my giving commitment to Stepping Forward?
During the months of December and January, you will have the opportunity to make a three-year commitment toward Stepping Forward. Please note that your commitment should be over and above your regular giving to the church. You will be able to make your commitment via response cards that can be placed in the offering or via a secure form on Faith’s website. The first day to make a commitment toward Stepping Forward will be Sunday, December 2nd, 2017 and the last day to make a commitment will be January 26th, 2018. When making gifts toward Stepping Forward throughout the course of the campaign, please write “Stepping Forward” in the memo on your check so that the funds can be tracked appropriately. The online commitment form is available at this link.

Can I give specifically to the building remodel, the west-side campus or the parking lot project?
We recognize that some members may be particularly passionate about the launch of a second site, the building remodel or the adding of additional parking. You may designate your Stepping Forward gift toward the second site, the remodel or the parking lot, but we would prefer that campaign gifts not be designated toward any specific Stepping Forward project to provide our church the ability to best steward God’s resources.

Are my gifts toward Stepping Forward tax deductible?
If you itemize your taxes, charitable gifts made to Faith Baptist Fellowship and other non-profits are taxes. Faith will provide a charitable receipt to each member at the end of the year. Please note that only gifts received on or before December 31st, 2017 will be included on your 2017 giving statement.

What happens if I make a pledge and my financial situation changes?
We recognize that your financial circumstances may change over time, affecting your ability to give. The future is uncertain (James 4:13-15) and some may find themselves in better circumstances and be able to give more while others may face unforeseen situations that may cause them to lower their giving. If you would like to change your commitment during the course of the campaign, please contact the church office.

Will my pledge be kept confidential?
All pledges will be kept as confidential as possible. Only those maintaining records for Stepping Forward will be aware of individual commitments. In accordance with Matthew 6:3, there will be no public disclosure or recognition of commitments or gifts made toward Stepping Forward.

I have another question about Stepping Forward.
Please direct any questions you may have about Stepping Forward to co-chairs Dennis Cromwell and Matthew Paulson. Dennis Cromwell can be reached via phone at (605) 359-6487 or via email at  Matthew Paulson can be reached via phone at (605) 310-4033 or via email at