Faith U Classes at Faith South

January 2023

Join us on Sunday mornings from 9:55-10:45 AM for classes that encourage you to apply the gospel to all aspects of life.

Adult Faith University J-Term Class – Loving Like Jesus Loves (Evangelism 101)

Interesting, and a bit disturbing, facts.

-Only 40% of Christians believe the Bible is the Word of God and should be taken literally

-Only 40% of Christians believe that reading the Bible is an essential part of their faith

-79% of unbelievers are willing to hear about someone’s faith, IF that person sincerely believes

-A vast majority of non-Christians valued three things when asked about a person with who they would discuss spiritual matters:

  1. A friend that would listen without judgement
  2. A friend that would allow me to draw my own conclusions
  3. A friend that had confidence in sharing their own perspective

What’s the common denominator in all three? Being a FRIEND!

The old adage is still very, very true “People won’t care what you know until they know that you care”.

Beginning January 8th all adults are invited to attend the combined Adult Faith University J-Term class in the Fellowship Hall during the middle hour. We will be presenting a 6-week video series entitled “Loving Like Jesus Loves (Evangelism 101).

In this series you will hear from four gifted speakers. Dr Sukhwant Bhatia, President and CEO of Seek Partners International, Dr. Ramesh Richard, founder and President of RReach, Dave Ferguson, pastor and author of the best-selling B.L.E.S.S. book, and Greg Vaughn, founder of Grace Ministries and author of Letters from Dad.

First, we will focus on the genuine uniqueness of the Christian faith in five areas. We will see that what we have in Christ is like nothing else in the world, beyond any doubt. Second, we will be shown some simple, practical ways to reach out to our neighbors and love the way that Jesus love.