Faith U Classes at Faith South

January-May 2022

Join us on Sunday mornings from 9:55-10:45 AM for classes that encourage you to apply the gospel to all aspects of life.

Ezra, Esther & Nehemiah (Fellowship Hall)

After 70 years in captivity in Babylon, God stirs up the heart of the reigning king to allow the Israelites to return home, with a mission. Ezra and Nehemiah record this return and all its challenges. What does ‘return to normal’ look like? What are the obstacles? How do they face them? How would you? In the meantime, back in Babylon, the events recorded in Esther take place. What does life look like for those Israelites who choose to stay behind, in the land of their captors? What challenges do they face? How does Esther respond? How would you? Where is God in these situations? There are some amazing similarities to our lives today. Join us as we explore these and how we should live in our own times. Facilitated by Pastor Dave Vilhauer, Dan Mortenson, & Dennis Cromwell

Do You Believe? (Room 225)

In his latest book, “Do You Believe?”, Paul David Tripp states that there is a “troublesome gap between what we say we believe and how we actually behave. Without ever intending to, many of us live theologically contradictory lives.” In this class we will investigate twelve historic doctrines of the faith with a view to consider what it looks like to actually live in light of those particular truths. What does it look like to carry what you believe into the situations, locations, and relationships of our daily lives? Facilitated by Todd Holthaus, & Tanner Leuthold

Faith Explored (Room 224) – Starting February 6

Come see what makes Faith Baptist Fellowship tick. Check under our hood. Kick our tires. Ask your questions and get honest answers. Learn what we mean by “Cross-Centered.” Hear about our “Five Loves and Five Commitments.” Get a clearer understanding of baptism and church membership. Whether it’s your first Sunday here or your 200th Sunday, you are invited to explore Faith with us. Facilitated by Dean Born & Pastor Thomas Slawson