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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 9/27/2023


Psalm 119:85-88



Micah 1:1-3:12



“Like Amos, Micah was particularly forceful in his denunciation of the social morality of Judah. His prophecies contain a heavy emphasis on attacking the mere externality of the people’s worship.” (Sailhamer) Woe to that people against whom God himself is a witness (1:2) and Judge (1:3-4). As we have previously seen again and again, the sins of idolatry (1:7) and injustice (2:1-2) reveal the wickedness of God’s people, who should certainly know better. The prophet speaks the truth in the power of the Holy Spirit (3:8).



“Heavenly Father, help me live a distinctive Christian life, a holy life pleasing to you, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Help me to speak the truth of the gospel to all who need to hear it by your Spirit. Let my worship be heartfelt and my faith genuine. Forgive me of my sin and fill me again and again with your Spirit. Keep me from saying one thing and doing another. May my great love for you overflow in love for others. My hope is in you!”



A song of crying out to God, Lord, Have Mercy is a hymn that confesses our need of God's forgiveness and and humble reliance upon him.