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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 12/6/2023


Psalm 25:11-22



Esther 9:1-10:3



We’ve already covered this a few times, but one of the main messages running throughout Esther is that God has different plans than people do, and he orders our lives to carry them out. Not only are they different, they are sometimes even opposite. We see that in 9:1 where it says “the reverse occurred.” The Jews in that region were supposed to be destroyed, but instead, they rout the other people of the land. This is not the only example we have where God works in ways that don’t fit with our original expectations. When you see him work like this, what response is appropriate from us?



Praise God that his ways are not our ways. Pray that we would remind ourselves daily to put our trust in him instead of going our own way.



What a comfort it is to know that all our ways our known to God and the ordains and directs our steps. Worship the Lord with this song that confesses this great truth today.