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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 11/15/2023


Psalm 16:7-11



Hebrews 10:1-39



Christ is the better sacrifice (v. 4; v. 10) once for all! Having completed what he was sent to earth to do, what did Christ do? How precious is v. 14—for all time! This verse speaks to our ultimate sanctification through Christ; we will be holy. Notice how the writer attributes Jeremiah 31:33 to the Holy Spirit.

On what basis do we draw near to God? (vv. 19-22, a recap) On what basis do we have hope? And what then shall we do? What warning accompanies all this hope-filled instruction? Buoyed by these great truths, we endure hardship, for we have a sure future!



Pray through these great truths. Pray for persecuted Christians who are suffering now for Christ. What a Savior!



Christ laid down his life for his people, the church. The hymn The Church's One Foundation speaks of Christ's love for his church and his sustaining grace for his people "mid toil and tribulation."