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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 11/1/2023


Psalm 8:1-9



Philemon 1:1-25



Who were Philemon and Onesimus? What was their relationship? What does Paul mean when he refers to Onesimus as his child? What was Paul’s purpose in writing this letter—what was Paul asking Philemon to do? Why does he ask it “for love’s sake”? The play on words—useless, now useful—is a fruit of the gospel transforming a man’s life! What is the difference between goodness that is “of your own accord” rather than compulsion? How can the two men become double brothers? What further act does Paul offer? Does this remind you of a parable of Jesus?



Praise God for the transforming power of the Gospel! What a change came into Onesimus’s life. How has the presence and power of Jesus Christ changed you? Ask God to make that transformation evident in the lives of people here at Faith Baptist Fellowship. Is there someone who comes to mind where reconciliation is needed? Pray for courage and humility to take the necessary steps as God leads you.



Has God changed your life? If so, then join in with this song and say All My Boast is in Jesus.