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Daily Worship - Wednesday, 10/18/2023


Psalm 119:161-164



1 Thessalonians 5:1-28



What might the imagery “like a thief in the night” suggest about the day of the Lord?  Ponder the phrase “peace and security” in verse 3.  How much do you desire that in your life, and at what cost?  Is it worth having delusional peace and security if sudden destruction comes next? Paul puts forth a powerful recipe for Christian living. What are we “To Be and Not To Be”? What does verse 18b say the reason is for doing these things?



Pray that you would not seek peace and security above all else.  Pray that you would seek first the kingdom of God and know that He knows the day of the Lord. Pray that the people of Faith Baptist will not become complacent but remain vigilant as children of light. Ask God for the energy to faithfully work on the "To Be's", and the strength to resist the temptations of the "Not to Be's". Thank God for his faithfulness in sanctifying you and keeping you for His own. Take comfort that "He will surely do it".



As you desire to seek God's kingdom first, sing or meditate upon the words of the song Let Your Kingdom Come.