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Daily Worship - Tuesday, 9/19/2023


Psalm 119:57-60



Amos 1:1-2:16



The sheepherder from Tekoa was called by God to prophesy “fearful words of impending doom” concerning King Jeroboam and the soon to be exiled people of God (Sailhamer). “Within the book itself, Amos stressed the moral ruin of God’s people and their mistaken assumption that since they were the elect, nothing bad could happen to them.” In these first two chapters, God delivers a series of consequences to both their neighbors, then to Judah and Israel. What can we learn from God’s judgement on these sins?



Presumption is a dangerous thing. For Judah and Israel to presume that God would not touch them was mistaken and led to disaster. Ask the Father to keep you from presumption. Thank God for his grace in Christ and for the presence and daily help of the Holy Spirit. Tell God of your desire to walk in a manner worthy of your calling in Jesus Christ and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.



If our desire is to walk in a manner worthy of the calling, we must keep our eyes on Christ and stay rooted and grounded in him. Rest your hope in him and him alone.