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Daily Worship - Tuesday, 11/21/2023


Psalm 18:16-24



Ezra 1:1-11



The book of Ezra was written at the time of the Persian Empire under the command of King Cyrus. Go back and read Jeremiah 25, and 32:26-41. How did the Israelites get to where they are in Ezra? What is the decree that King Cyrus gives? How many times is God mentioned in this decree? What is the response of the Jews? Finish reading Jeremiah 32:42-44. What does the Lord promise the Jews in these verses?



The reason for the decree made by King Cyrus was so that the Jews could go back and build the temple that they might have a place to worship the Lord. Even though God had sent the Israelites through exile, He would also bring them out that they might worship Him. Give thanks to God, that He is faithful. Think of ways that God has been faithful to you and ponder why God is worthy of our worship. Worship Him now by praying and affirming His greatness.



Praise God today with this classic hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness!