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Daily Worship - Tuesday, 10/17/2023


Psalm 119:157-160



1 Thessalonians 3:1-4:18



Why did Paul send Timothy to the Thessalonians, and what does that tell you about how Paul viewed his work? Paul is comforted to hear good news about the Thessalonians’ faith.  Are you similarly encouraged to hear good news from Faith’s missionaries?  What does Paul urge the Thessalonians to do in chapter 4? What is God’s will for them? Why is it important to be sanctified? What instruction does Paul give on how to cope with death? What does grieving without hope look like?



Pray for outreach opportunities in your life – at work, at home, in the community, nationally, or internationally. Ask God for help in striving to live a holy life in the midst of the temptations of the world we live in. Ask God for creative ideas of how to show brotherly love to our friends and neighbors as we see the various crises in the world around us.  Ask God to unite Faith Baptist and the surrounding communities in brotherly love. Thank God for the hope that only He can provide us.



The song Build Your Kingdom is a lively prayer asking God to fulfill his mission of taking the gospel to the lost in and through us. Let this song be your prayer and encourage you as you seek to be a witness for Christ wherever God calls you.