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Daily Worship - Tuesday, 10/10/2023


Psalm 119:133-136



Zechariah 6:9-9:17



The symbolic crowning of Joshua (not the Joshua previously known for the Promised Land) looks ahead to another prophetic fulfillment. What is his special title? (See Jeremiah 33:15) Who is the ultimate fulfillment of this “crowning”? What was the problem with the people’s religious rituals (ch. 7)? What prophetic promise does God yet give his people (ch. 8)?  What will the “faithful city” (8:3) be like? What will befall the enemies of God’s people (ch. 9)? Take to heart the precious prophecy of 9:9, fulfilled by Jesus Christ!



Pray a prayer of praise to God for the gift of the righteous Branch Jesus Christ, who came riding on the colt into Jerusalem, on his way to the cross on which he died in our place. Ask God to keep your worship from being empty ritual, but rather a rich experience of his divine grace, mercy, and love. Thank God for his iron-clad promise to fulfill every prophetic word he has spoken, including the ultimate restoration of his people through Jesus Christ in a future perfect city.



All Hail The Glorious Christ, is a song of rejoicing in Jesus' victory both now and to come. His victory is secure!