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Daily Worship - Thursday, 9/28/2023


Psalm 119:89-92



Micah 4:1-5:15



Can you identify the five pronouncements of salvation here?

  1. 4:1-5 salvation for the nations at Zion through the Lord our God.
  2. 4:6-7 salvation for the regathered remnant, including the needy.
  3. 4:8-13 salvation for the remnant by the power and plan of God.
  4. 5:1-5a salvation through a coming ruler from Bethlehem! Amen.
  5. 5:5b-9 salvation that will impact all the nations of the earth.

This sounds like the NT! What judgment is declared in 5:10-15? Thus, a ruler from Bethlehem will bring about the deliverance of God’s people from all nations and victory over God’s enemies!



This is a perfect Scripture for Advent, for it whets our appetite for the coming ultimate victory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God for his grand plan of salvation in Christ! Praise God. Thank God. Pray a prayer of rejoicing in God our Savior, Jesus Christ, for he is the Light of the World and the great Source of our salvation.



This great, upbeat Celtic song of praise, The Light of The World, highlights the life of Christ and reminds us that he alone is the true light.