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Daily Worship - Thursday, 12/7/2023


Psalm 26:1-12



Ezra 7:1-28



In Ezra 1, we learned that 42,360 Israelites had returned from Babylon. Why do you think God wanted to add Ezra to that? What made Ezra special? What desire had God planted in Ezra's heart? What shows us that God's hand was upon Ezra? Sending a teacher of the law was important to God, so the law should be important to us. But, weigh the law in light of Romans 9:30-32 and 10:13. What extra duties did the king assign to Ezra, and how do those fit with his role as a teacher?



Praise God for his desire to send people the truth. Praise him for having the power to guide the actions of kings so that God's purposes are accomplished. Ask God to raise up teachers to show people that the only route to meet God's requirements is through faith in Jesus. Ask God to work so that leaders of countries will support such teachers. Talk with God about what role he has for you in sending gospel teachers.



God gives us his word that we me know him, love him, and enjoy him forever. As we seek God in his word daily and gather each Sunday to hear the word preached, our prayer should be that God, by the Bible, would speak to us.