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Daily Worship - Thursday, 11/16/2023


Psalm 17:1-7



Hebrews 11:1-40



The Great Faith Chapter! What is faith? Faith enables us to understand what grand truth? What 2 truths must we believe in order to draw near to God? What was Abraham looking forward to? What better country and city awaits every believer? What unique perspective does the writer have as he interprets the events of Moses’ life?

  1. They had humble beginnings.
  2. They were not perfect.

Yet they persevered—even great hardship— by faith! And so do we. We persevere by faith in God’s promise of a grand future with him! What truth impacted you most strongly today as you read ch. 11?



Pray about your faith! Express to God your faith in him. Yet also admit openly your struggles, as in “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.” Pray about our faith as a church family during this time as we enter an election year. Pray that we persevere upcoming trials by faith, confident of the future by God’s amazing grace. Pray for believers around the world living through times of true hardship.

Ask God to give us the fruit of people coming to faith in Christ.



The song By Faith highlights many of the great truths of Hebrews 11. Enjoy worshipping with this song as you reflect upon today's reading.