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Daily Worship - Thursday, 10/5/2023


Psalm 119:117-120



Zephaniah 3:1-20


While judgment is yet declared for the rebellious and defiled (3:1), a ray of hope springs forth also that a great change will come (v. 9ff.). God will change the heart of the nations and give them new speech; there is hope for the humble and lowly of heart (v. 12) who seek refuge in the name of the Lord. God’s people will yet sing and shout, rejoice and exult, for God will vindicate his name and restore his people. Here is foreshadowing of the Great Commission, the gospel bringing hope to the peoples of the earth, as well as a turning to Christ among the Jewish people (Romans 11).



And so, we pray for these things! Pray for humility of heart on the part of believers everywhere. Pray for repentance and faith in response to the gospel in all the people groups of the world. Pray for a turning to Jesus as Savior and Messiah among the Jewish people. Pray for a softening of the heart of our own proud and rebellious nation.



Lift High The Name of Jesus is a song that encourages us to proclaim the name of Christ in all the earth. As we pray for the peoples of the earth to hear the gospel and come to know Christ, let us remember our calling to open our mouths and exalt Christ among all the nations.