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Daily Worship - Monday, 6/10/2024



Proverbs 10

1 Samuel 10-12



For the month of June 2024, we will be using meditations on Psalm 23:1-2 for our prayer guide each day.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 

“The LORD” – Meditate upon to whom it is you are addressing your prayers. The LORD, the almighty, everlasting, maker, and sustainer of all creation! 

“is my” – Meditate upon the truth that you can personally call upon and have loving fellowship with this great and awesome God. 

“shepherd” – Meditate upon God’s loving care and grace in your life. As a shepherd cares for, protects, feeds, and guides his sheep, so your God care for you. And Christ calls himself the “Good Shepherd” who laid down his life for his sheep (John 10:11-18). 

You can also take some time bring these things before the Lord. 

  • Confess your sins. 
  • The Lost 
  • Your Needs 



Christ Our Hope in Life and Death - Keith & Kristyn Getty, Matt Papa