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Daily Worship - Monday, 12/4/2023


Psalm 24:1-10



Esther 5:1-6:14



In chapter 6, not only do we see God continue to carry out his plan of protection for his people, we also get an example of what Luke talks about in Luke 18:14. Haman is clearly exalting himself while Mordecai seems to do the opposite. During the king’s restless night of sleep, he became aware of or was reminded of what Mordecai had done in hearing about and protecting him from the plot to kill him. Because of that, he bestows honor on Mordecai through Haman. The rewards may not always look like this in our lives, but it’s a good reminder that Christians are called to show humility. Is that a characteristic of your life?



Pray that our understanding of the Gospel would grow and generate humble responses in our lives.



Jesus, Cast a Look on Me, is an older hymn that prayerfully asks God to help us remain humble and reliant upon him. Enjoy this contemporary setting.