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Daily Worship - Monday, 11/6/2023


Psalm 10:1-11



Hebrews 3:1-19



Ponder for a moment that if you are “in Christ” you are a saint, a “holy one” of God! What illustration does the writer use to picture Jesus as worthy of greater glory than Moses? Ponder v. 6 as a vital encouragement for this present difficult time: “hold fast!” Note that according to Hebrews, the Holy Spirit wrote Psalm 95! What can we infer then about the inspiration of Scripture? The writer uses Ps. 95 to challenge his readers to be different: don’t harden your hearts (as the exodus generation did) or provoke God with unbelief. How are we to help one another in this good fight of faith?



Rejoice with a prayer of praise to God that having been redeemed through Jesus Christ you are now a holy one of God. Tell God how much you desire to hold fast to the faith and ask for his help by the word and the Spirit and rich Christian fellowship. Is there someone you are trying to help grow in their faith and hold fast? Pray for that one. And pray for any persons who have that role in your life. Thank God for the Spirit’s inspiration of the Bible.



In our own natural state, we are guilty and sinful. We cannot stand before a holy and righteous God. But because of the righteousness of Christ, we are truly counted "holy." Today's song, Holy Hands, expresses this great truth.