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Daily Worship - Monday, 10/30/2023


Psalm 7:1-7



Titus 1:1-2:15



What a glorious calling Paul has! What are the qualifications of elders? (The terms elder/overseer are likely interchangeable.) On the other hand, who are a danger to the church? What evidence shows that a profession of faith is false? Why is sound doctrine so important? What does maturity look like in older men and women? Who should teach the younger women? Notice how Titus’s life is to confirm the reality behind what he teaches. What “adorns” the doctrine of our Savior, Jesus Christ? How are believers to wait for the second coming of Jesus Christ? Titus is not to be timid.



Much was said in these two chapters regarding Christian maturity: for leaders and followers, for men and women, young and older. What stood out to you as you reflect on your own maturity? Pray about the things that come to mind. Ask God to help you grow into maturity in Christ. Ask him to help you bear good fruit, the fruit of a life that has been transformed by grace and is filled with the Holy Spirit. Ask God to strengthen you with sound doctrine, self-control, godliness, and patience as we await the coming Savior.



As we seek to grow in Christ, oftentimes we may find ourselves discouraged. Yet we can remain confident that those in Christ are kept by his grace and we can sing with great joy He Will Hold Me Fast.