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Daily Worship - Monday, 10/2/2023


Psalm 119:105-108



Nahum 1:1-3:19



Warren Wiersbe: ‘Nahum means “comfort,” and his message was certainly a comfort to the Jews who feared and hated the cruel Assyrians’ threats to their security. The book focuses on the holy character of God who cannot allow sin to go unpunished. In chapter 1, Nahum declares Ninevah’s fall; in chapter 2, he describes it; and in chapter 3, he defends it.’ [With the Word, p. 599] Note the attributes of God detailed as the book opens; 1:15 announces the beautiful feet of the Deliverer of good news.



Pray a prayer of praise, lauding God for his attributes, and taking comfort in 1:7. Thank God for the messenger(s) who delivered the good news of the gospel to you, and especially for Jesus our Savior. Thank God also for the blessed hope we have, a future in God’s very presence, guaranteed by the resurrection of Jesus. Hallelujah!



The Song This is Our God declares what God has done for us in Christ. Enjoy this song this morning as you meditate upon God and his love for you.