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Daily Worship - Friday, 12/8/2023


Psalm 27:1-6



Ezra 8:1-36



From Ezra 6:16-22, we know that there were priests and Levites in Jerusalem. Why do you think Ezra felt it necessary to have more Levites travel to Jerusalem? The trip to Jerusalem would take 4 months (Ezra 7:8-9), giving plenty of time for attacks by bandits or enemies of Israel. If you had been in Ezra's shoes, would you have asked the king for an escort? What gave Ezra confidence that they could rely on God to see them through?



Praise God for being greater than Satan or any human schemes. Praise God for making sure his plan will be fulfilled. Thank God for taking care of details and hazards of which we may not even be aware. Ask God for discernment for yourself and Faith Baptist to know when to take precautions and when to rely on God alone. Ask God to have his hand of protection over Christians worldwide so that the gospel can go forward.



Note these words from verse 3 of In Christ Alone, "No power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from his hand." Sing this today as you rejoice in the truth of God's victory.