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Daily Worship - Friday, 12/1/2023


Psalm 22:22-31



Esther 4:1-17



In Esther 4, the queen is faced with an incredibly difficult decision. A plot has recently been created to destroy all the Jews, a group of which she is a member. Her uncle, Mordecai, tells her that she should go to the king to plead for their lives. But, this also comes with the risk of death because the law of the time said that anyone who approached the king without being called could be killed. When faced with death on either side, she chooses to approach the king. What does she ask Mordecai to do? What is our natural reaction when faced with a difficult situation? What should we do?



Praise God for his sovereign wisdom in any situation that we face. Ask for an added measure of trust to turn to him all the time.



Enjoy the song Sovereign by Chris Tomlin today as you reflect upon God's sovereign wisdom.