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Daily Worship - Friday 11/10/2023


Psalm 13:1-6



Hebrews 7:1-28



Recall that we met the priest Melchizedek in our journey through Genesis: king of righteousness, king of peace! The theme of “better” is common in Hebrews and is introduced here: Jesus is greater than the patriarchs, as his priesthood (after the order of Melchizedek) is greater than the Aaronic one. Jesus “made good” (guarantor) on the promise of a better covenant, a new covenant, in his blood. Jesus’s priesthood is greater because it is forever! Death will never end his priestly service (as it did with the Levitical priests). He will save you to the uttermost! Hallelujah! Jesus is the final and forever High Priest, the sinless Lamb of God. Thanks be to God!



Pray a prayer of joyful thanksgiving to God for his final and forever provision of his very “best” – Jesus His Son and our Savior. Thank God for his provision of the new covenant in Christ’s lifeblood and for such a grand and glorious salvation that saves you to the uttermost. Rejoice that today you walk with Christ and without fear.



What truth can bring comfort to the believer than the fact that Jesus' blood has made full atonement and that he "ever lives above" to intercede on his behalf. This modern setting of the Charles Wesley hymn Arise, My Soul, Arise, declares this wonderful truth.