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Daily Worship - Friday, 10/6/2023


Psalm 119:117-120



Haggai 1:1-2:23



ESV SB: “After the exile, the Lord is renewing his promises to his people and calls on them to finish rebuilding the temple so that he might be with them and fulfill his promises to bless the whole world through them (2:9), particularly through the Messiah from the house of David (2:23).” Take particular note of 2:9; how is this grand promise fulfilled? Why is this so appropriate on our Christmas Eve? Again ESV SB: “a relevant and timeless book on the need to put God’s work first in one’s life.”



In an ultimate sense, the promise and declaration of this book is fulfilled in the passage from John’s Revelation book: in the new heavens and new earth there will be no need of a temple or an outside source of light because God himself will be our temple and our light! Praise God! The coming of Jesus Christ makes all this possible! Thank God for the greatest gift ever, the gift of his Son. Praise him for drawing you into his forever family.



Andrew Peterson's song All Things New invites us to come to Christ now knowing that one day he will make "all things new."