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Daily Worship - Friday, 10/27/2023


Psalm 5:1-12



2 Timothy 3:1-4:22



Think seriously about vv. 1-5 as a detailed description of TODAY. Is there any item in this list that is not true today? Consider the fact that evil people can “creep into households” digitally as well as literally, and lead people to destruction. Who were Jannes and Jambres? Now consider all that Paul endured for Christ. Yet who rescued him from these harms? Verse 12 makes crystal clear that God has not promised us an easy life. Following Christ will bring hardships. What means will God use to help us endure? How is Timothy to preach? How does this differ from what people want sometimes?



There is so MUCH here to pray about! Ask God to keep you from the sins of the last days. (If you have a particular struggle, admit it to God and ask for his help!) Ask God to protect your family from “home invasion” of evil. Ask God for every grace you need to endure the hardships of today, as well as for faithfulness in the long journey of life. Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Pray for our children and youth as well as teachers and administrators in school.



Jesus, Cast a Look on Me, is a lesser-known hymn of Charles Wesley, but is a wonderful prayer of humble dependence upon Christ. This more recent setting of the hymn beautifully captures the heart of the text.