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Daily Worship is a great resource designed to help you in your personal devotions. Each weekday morning, and once on the weekends, a new worship guide is published at 5:00am that includes a Scripture passage of preparation, a passage to read and meditate upon, prayer points, and a song of response related to the day's reading. For those that prefer the printed format, they can be downloaded here.

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Daily Worship - Monday, 9/25/2023

Prepare: Psalm 119:77-80 Read Obadiah 1:1-21 Think "Edom" represents "the nations who were the professed enemies of God's people Israel" and "portrays God's judgment on these nations." (quotes all Sailhamer) In vv. 1-16, Edom is all too happy for the destruction brought against Jerusalem and Judah. God warns them against their gloating, rejoicing, and boasting over ...

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