Bible Readings: Nov. 20-24

Christ Was Born for This!

Christ Was Born for This is our Advent season worship theme for 2013. From December 1st (Communion Sunday) to Christmas Eve our worship messages will focus on various aspects of biblical truth as to why Jesus came to earth. These Bible Readings and Prayer Points are loosely based on the book Why Christ Came: 31 Meditations on the Incarnation by Joel Beeke and William Boekestein (RHB, 2013). This book is readily available in both paper and Kindle editions.

Click here to download these readings in PDF format:
Daily Bible Readings Nov 20 to Nov 24

We recommend you have a notebook and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts and insights. Bring this notebook with you to Faith Group for discussions and prayer times. Select a quiet place and consistent time to read and pray. We also recommend you pray for a moment before you read God’s word and ask for his illumination by the power of the Holy Spirit as you read.

Abbreviations: TAI – Think About It | PP – Prayer Points

Wednesday, November 20

Focus on V. 38.

TAI: Jesus came to do the will of his Father in heaven. According to this paragraph, what is that will? How can Jesus raise up on the last day all whom the Father has given him? Are you one of those whom the Father has given the Son? How do you know? (Answer from this paragraph in John ch. 6!) See also Hebrews ch. 10 v. 7.

PP: Pray a prayer of exaltation, praising the Father for his salvation plan and thanking him for the gift of his Son. Express your desire to be like Jesus, doing the will of your Heavenly Father (living by faith, obeying his commands). Ask God for his help in this walk of grace and truth, by his Spirit.

Thursday, November 21

TAI: Jesus Christ came to save sinners. “In Christ’s first coming, he implemented a rescue plan conceived in the mind of God before the foundation of the world” (Beeke, loc. 143). What kind of example was Paul (v. 16)? What attributes of God are displayed by his saving grace toward sinners? Why does Paul burst forth in praise? See also Hebrews ch. 9 v.26

PP: Using the language of these three verses, and especially the attributes of God mentioned in them, formulate your own prayer of praise to God for his great mercy and grace. Sing “Amazing Grace” and ponder the words. Pray for those on your Sacred Seven list (people in the sphere of your life who do not yet trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior).

Friday, November 22

John 12:36-50

Focus on V. 46.

TAI: Jesus came into the world as light. Apart from Christ, we live in darkness; those who believe in Jesus the Christ live in the light. Why did so many who were with Jesus remain in unbelief? What prophecies did this fulfill? Why do some love the glory of man more than the glory of God? What will judge the unbeliever on the last day? “The glory of the gospel is that the Innocent One not only exposes sin by His light, but He also delivers us from sin’s darkness” (Beeke, loc. 201). How was this light displayed in the birth of Jesus?

PP: What evidences of darkness do you see in our culture and community? Why does Scripture so often use “darkness” to describe sin and its effects? “Light” to describe salvation and hope and joy? Pray, asking God to defeat the darkness through the gospel of his Son! Pray that the light of Christ would shine in your life, home, workplace, our church and in our community. Pray for a missionary who is seeking to bring the light of Jesus to an un-reached or under-reached people.

Weekend, November 23-24

Read Romans Ch. 15 and 16

TAI: This Sunday we conclude two complementary journeys: through the last two chapters of Romans, 15-16, Unwavering, and also through the entire book of Romans. What a tour of this grand and glorious book it has been!  Pay special attention to the benediction at the end of the book, the last 3 verses. Pray for Pastor Jayson as he preaches on these “blessing” verses Sunday morning. How does God strengthen us (v. 25) as believers? What is the secret, the revelation, which is now made known to all the nations? How does God make it known to all the nations? What does the gospel produce in us (v. 26)? NOTE! Compare these themes of the benediction with the themes of the opening Greeting of the book, in ch. 1.  Isn’t there a remarkable unity in this book?

Also compare this closing with the burst of praise at the end of ch. 11 (the last 4 verses). Glory, glory, glory! What a marvelous book! What an awesome God!

PP:  Express to God your praise for his character, your thanksgiving for such a great salvation, your desire to live in the obedience of faith, and your hope for the fulfillment of every promise he has made us. Give him all the glory! So be it!