Bible Readings: Dec. 23 – Dec. 29

Christ Was Born for This is our Advent season worship theme for 2013. From December 1st (Communion Sunday) to Christmas Eve our worship messages will focus on various aspects of biblical truth as to why Jesus came to earth. These Bible Readings and Prayer Points are loosely based on the book Why Christ Came: 31 Meditations on the Incarnation by Joel Beeke and William Boekestein (RHB, 2013). This book is readily available in both paper and Kindle editions.

Click here to download these readings in PDF format:
Readings Advent 2013 Christ Was Born for This VI

We recommend you have a notebook and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts and insights. Bring this notebook with you to Faith Group for discussions and prayer times. Select a quiet place and consistent time to read and pray. We also recommend you pray for a moment before you read God’s word and ask for his illumination by the power of the Holy Spirit as you read.

Abbreviations: TAI – Think About It | PP – Prayer Points

Monday, December 23

Luke 1:26-38
TAI: Christ arrived as a Holy King to reign over God’s holy people. “It’s a lot easier to fall into a mud puddle than it is to get the stains out of your clothes. Imagine trying to wash those dirty clothes by scrubbing them with muddy hands…washing souls requires something clean to start with” (Beeke, loc 1078). The Son of God came and was called “Holy.” Why? Why was it necessary that the Holy Spirit be the father?

PP: Declare to God your joy that a holy Savior purchased your cleansing with his blood. Rejoice in such amazing grace. Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit as you seek to live a holy life by God’s grace. Pray for a brother or sister in Christ struggling with sin. Ask God to give you wisdom in how best to help them in their struggle.

Tuesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve)

Luke 2:1-20
TAI: Born thy people to deliver; born a child and yet a King! Imagine you were one of the shepherds on that glorious night. After returning home, you record your thoughts on a parchment, hoping to never forget. What would you write down? Do it! Write down your reflections “I was there on the night He was born.”

PP: Pray for our Christmas Eve service at Faith Baptist Fellowship. Pray for Christians around the world gathering to honor Jesus: under the cloak of darkness in countries where they are threatened; in large gothic cathedrals; in country chapels and storefronts. Pray for those currently lost who hear the gospel tonight in Christmas Eve services. Express your love to God.

Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Day)

Matthew 2
TAI: Why present the child gold? Frankincense? Myrrh? Imagine you were one of the magi, bowing low before this Child/King. What are your thoughts? What would you carry away from the scene? Do it! Jot down your thoughts “I was there when the Child/King received precious gifts and worship.”

PP: Praise God for the gift of his Son. Thank God for his grand plan of salvation in Christ. Pray as a worshiper! Pray for loved ones. Pray for friends. Pray for our church. Delight in the Lordship of Christ and submit yourself completely to God. Sing a Christmas carol.

Thursday, December 26

Hebrews 2:17-18
Hebrews 3:1-2
TAI: Christ came to by a merciful and faithful High Priest. What was the role of the High Priest? Why were they no longer necessary after Jesus came (another way of asking, why don’t we have them today?)? How does Jesus provide comfort when we are tempted? How are we helped by the faithfulness of Jesus Christ?

PP: Thank God for sending his Son as your great High Priest. Express your gratitude for Jesus Christ the Righteous faithfully fulfilling his mission, to your benefit. Ask God for opportunities to tell others all that Jesus has done for you, including his faithfulness to you. Thank God for his help in turning away from temptation.

Friday, December 27

Romans 5:12-17
TAI: Christ came to be the second and greater Adam. How does Adam’s sin affect you? (Give more than one answer!) How does Christ’s role as the second Adam benefit you? (Give more than one answer!) Why does the Apostle Paul emphasize “the one man” Jesus Christ? Make a list of all the benefits (the gifts!) God has bestowed upon you through his Son, Jesus Christ. Take your time; it’s a long list!

PP: Pray a prayer of rejoicing through the list you recorded of all the benefits you have received through the “second Adam.” Pray for a friend or relative who has not yet entered into those benefits by faith in Jesus Christ. Ask God to help you tell that person of all your “second Adam” benefits, as a witness to God’s grace in your life.

Weekend, December 28-29

John 1
TAI & PP: Christ came to reveal the glory of God in grace and truth. What glory! We have seen that glory in so many ways this Advent month. And we shall see even more in 2014! Are you up to the challenge of reading the BIBLE through in the New Year? Pray for Pastor Dana as he shares in his message a vision for many of us joining together to read through the Old and New Testaments in 2014. Pray also for Mary Olson, our missionary teacher in Tacloban, Philippines, as she shares a testimony of God’s faithfulness in the midst of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Ask God to guide you as you decide whether or not to read through the Bible next year.