Bible Readings: June 15-21 2020


New Testament Challenge 2020

At Faith Baptist Fellowship, we Love God’s Word and Prayer. Hearing a sermon at church on Sunday mornings alone isn’t enough to be considered a healthy diet of God’s word and prayer. We strongly believe that every growing disciple of Jesus needs to be regularly hearing from God through his word and personally speaking back to God through prayer.

We are challenging everyone to read through the entire New Testament in 2020 – one chapter per day, five days per week. If regular Bible reading is not yet a habit of yours, this is a great way to get started! As always, we will provide devotional thoughts and helpful prayer points on the passages. The weekend material will prepare you for the upcoming Sunday sermon as well as provide some discussion help for Faith Groups.

We recommend you set aside at least 15-20 minutes a day for this plan and prayer. If you fall behind, just start on the current day. Try to develop the habit of reading at the same time and place. We suggest having a journal and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts and insights. Happy Bible Reading!

Download PDF: DBR 2020 Jun 15-21

Monday, June 15

Read Romans 3:1-31

THINK: Having combatted Jewish pride in ch. 2, Paul now answers the question about whether there is any advantage to being Jewish. There is! What was his response? Yet, the main point here is clear: all have sinned! Both Jews and Gentiles! The law was not given to earn right standing with God, which the Jewish people thought. Rather the law reveals to us our sin. How is a sinful person (and we all are) justified, that is, declared righteous by God? What is propitiation? Ponder awhile the wonder of salvation by grace through faith in Christ!
PRAY: Thank God for giving the law, so that we clearly know that we have sinned. Rejoice in God’s faithfulness to his people. Thank God for sending his Son to be our Savior, saving believers from the penalty of sin by his grace. Express your faith in God; tell him that you trust in Jesus Christ alone for forgiveness and eternal life.    Pray for the nation of Israel which is less than 1% Christian ( Pray for those in your circle of relationships who do not trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Tuesday, June 16

Read Romans 4:1-25

THINK: Paul is now drawing an important distinction, first raised in the last chapter, between the mentality of earning your standing before God by your works (which is not possible) and receiving your righteous standing before God by faith in Christ. We are not Christians through wage-earning, but through faith alone. Abraham is Paul’s example, for he was declared righteous before his circumcision, thus he didn’t earn his standing by being circumcised.                     Ponder vv. 23-25 as the very heart of the gospel. Is this what you believe? Is this what you tell others?
PRAY: Thank God that you not saved by earning a wage through good works, but by believing and following the Lord Jesus. Rejoice in justification by faith! Sing “Amazing Grace.” Ask God to keep you from the mentality of the wage-earner. Rather, rejoice as a worshipper! Jesus saves! Is there someone you know who needs to hear and understand this? Pray for them now.

Wednesday, June 17

Read Romans 5:1-21

THINK: How can we have peace with God? How can we rejoice in our sufferings? Who pours God’s love into our hearts? How did God show his great love for us? What is the result? What is reconciliation? Notice how we are to rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the mentality of the worshipper, not of the wage-earner! Now Paul uses the parallels of Adam and Jesus to draw a further distinction: sin came through Adam to the human race, and death through sin. Now by God’s grace justification comes to many through the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you understand the parallel Paul is using here? Does it make sense to you?
PRAY: This chapter is power-packed with glorious gospel! So, take considerable time to ponder line-by-line, verse-by-verse through the chapter, praying to God in response to each truth. Be very personal in your praying—as appropriate praise, adore, thank, confess, express need, and pray for others. Celebrate in worship God’s amazing grace: as in Adam all die, so in Christ shall all who believe be made alive!

Thursday, June 18

Read Romans 6:1-23

THINK: Explain what Paul means by “dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.” Reflect on v. 14, “not under law but under grace.” Do you understand what Paul means by that? If we go on living in sin, as if it doesn’t matter, enslaved to it, what will the outcome be? On the other hand, if we walk in obedience, it is evidence that our heart has been changed by God, and we are “slaves of righteousness.” What is the end of sanctification? Which path are you on: the road to sanctification by God’s grace leading to eternal life with God; or enslavement to sin leading to death and separation from God? It’s the all-important question!
PRAY: Rejoice in prayer that you are no longer a slave to sin. Thank God for giving you the gift of righteousness through his Son, Jesus Christ. Ask God to help you in the daily walk of putting sin to death and living in the freedom of the gospel. Yet, thank God also that if we do sin, we have an Advocate before the Father, Jesus Christ! Undoubtedly you know people who are enslaved to sin and on the road to eternal death apart from Christ. Pray that they come to understand that “the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life.”

Friday, June 19

Read Romans 7:1-25

THINK: Paul uses the marriage bond as an illustration: what is he illustrating? Reflect for a while on the two ways to live: trying hard to obey the written code of the law, on the one hand, and being free from the law by Jesus to live by the Spirit of God on the other. Are you “trying harder” or “walking by the Spirit?” Do you think most people grasp this vital distinction? Yet the law is strategically important—why? What is the role of the law in God’s plan?
PRAY: Inferred from Paul’s illustration is that the marriage bond is lifelong and permanent. If married, pray for your marriage. If not married, pray for others to be faithful and true in their marriages. Thank God for giving us the law, so that we are confronted with the reality of our sin and our need for a Savior. Thank God also for setting us free through Christ from “law-keeping and trying harder” and instead giving us freedom to walk by the Holy Spirit.

Weekend, June 20-21

Read Genesis 30:25-43

If you’ve fallen behind this week, consider using these extra days to catch up. You can also prepare your heart and mind for this Sunday’s worship service. Read the planned sermon text above and the thoughts below in advance of Sunday morning’s message. If you are in a Faith Group, consider discussing the questions below together.
THINK: In his message from Genesis 29, Pastor Jayson referred to Jacob’s uncle Laban as “Shady Laban.” How is Laban living up to that nickname in this chapter? The ESV Study Bible is wise to note that “Laban’s use of divination is sinful, even though the information obtained is accurate.” What modern forms of divination can you think of that people will consult for truth today? Why does Jacob want the speckled and spotted sheep and every black lamb, and the spotted and speckled among the goats as his wages? What’s your best guess as to what’s up with the stripped sticks, and the watering of the flocks, and Jacob’s unusual sheep breeding practices?
PRAY: Pray for us as God’s people to be wise in our dealings with the rest of the world. Pray that we would be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves” as Jesus says in Matthew 10:16. Pray for integrity in your own walk with the Lord. Pray that you would not be tempted to go to any other source for spiritual truth (e.g. those modern forms of “divination” you thought of) than the timeless and trustworthy word of God.
FAITH GROUP: Have you ever benefited from someone else’s blessing? Like Laban (v.27), has the LORD blessed you indirectly because of his direct blessing of someone else? Have people in your group share stories of indirect blessing. Praise God together for his faithfulness and his abundant grace towards us as his people. Pray for your group to receive all of God’s blessings thankfully while being mindful of how those blessings can, and should, be used to bless those around you as well.