Who We Are

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The cross is at the center of our mission as a church, because the cross is at the center of the good news of Jesus Christ.

The cross is where God’s love and mercy meet. Bringing us to the cross is how God changes us from desperate sinners to forgiven children. Keeping the cross central is what empowers us to live free, joyful and humble lives serving others for the glory of God.

The message of the cross isn’t a concept to grasp at one moment in time and leave behind. As Christians, the reality of the cross is the continual source of God’s grace needed to live each day. Explore how Faith Baptist helps members live out the gospel.


Making Disciples

We think the Christian life has stages of development much like human life. From the point of birth to taking first steps to walking and eventually running, everyone is on a spiritual journey. As a church, our goal is to make disciples and equip them for growth and service during each stage of maturity.

From helping those who are exploring the claims of Christianity to encouraging long-time believers to grow, we want to encourage everyone who attends Faith Baptist to believe, live and share the gospel.

After making a commitment to follow and serve Christ, we encourage believers to be baptized and become members of Faith Baptist Fellowship.


As a member of a local church, an individual is committed to worshipping God corporately, holding other believers accountable and encouraging others to lead lives pleasing to God. (1 Corinthians 5:9-132 Corinthians 2:5-8)

The concept of church membership is highlighted as early church leaders were told they were accountable to God for a specific group of people (Hebrews 13:17).

We believe membership is important and encourage it for all believers. Membership is further explained in Faith Explored, a class which meets on Sunday mornings from 9:55-10:45 a.m. To join the class or learn more about membership contact Pastor Jayson Wittrup.

To learn more about why we encourage membership, listen to Pastor Dana’s sermon entitled, “Why Bother With Church Membership?

If you are ready to take the plunge and become a member of Faith Baptist, see our online membership questionnaire to begin the membership process.


Here are a few reasons why we think baptism is important:

  • Jesus made baptism a priority by getting baptized (Matthew 3:13-17).
  • The apostle Peter preached that people repent and be baptized (Acts 2:37-41).
  • The apostle Paul took time to explain the meaning of baptism (Colossians 2:11-12).

Scripture convinces us that baptism by immersion is an outward picture of the inward reality of what Jesus Christ has done for a believer. Want to know more? Listen to Pastor Dana answer the question, “Why Bother with Baptism?”

If you have questions about baptism or would like to get baptized, please contact Pastor Jayson Wittrup.


Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples of all the nations, (Matthew 28:19) and we are committed to carrying out that mission at Faith Baptist Fellowship. Our desire is to build a family of Christ-like believers who are proclaiming a cross-centered gospel and living cross-centered lives.

To reach that goal, we have developed 5 Loves & 5 Commitments to keep us focused. Everything we do at Faith Baptist Fellowship flows from these tenets.


  • Dana Olson

    Dana Olson

    Senior Pastor for Preaching & Vision

    Pastor Dana is our senior pastor for preaching and vision. He leads the staff and serves as an elder at Faith Baptist Fellowship. He has a heart for encouraging people to study, understand and apply God’s Word.

    Dana’s first senior pastor position was at Trinity Baptist Church in Lincoln, NE from 1983 to 1996, which explains his support of the Cornhuskers!

    From 1996 to 2009, Dana was director of Prayer First, the prayer mobilization ministry of Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference). He has spoken at hundreds of churches, conferences and on mission fields around the world. He continues to serve on America’s National Prayer Committee and the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network. Dana’s ministry at Faith Baptist continues to be defined by his passion to inspire people to pray.

    In the fall of 2009, Pastor Dana was called to Faith Baptist Fellowship to serve as the senior pastor for preaching and vision.

    Dana and his wife Christa have three adult daughters. Anna makes her home in Sioux Falls. Mary is working with unreached people groups in New York City, and Betsy is earning her PhD in physics at the University of Minnesota in Mankato. Dana’s father was a pastor for over 50 years and is now with Jesus. His mother Mary lives in Sioux Falls and is a member at Faith Baptist.

    Email Pastor Dana: [email protected]

  • David Vilhauer

    David Vilhauer

    Pastor of Discipleship & Walking Ministries

    Pastor David focuses on providing ways for people at Faith Baptist to deepen their walk with God through studying the Bible together. He provides leadership for Faith Groups and Faith University as well as overseeing operations, finances, and personnel. David is gifted in teaching, administrating, serving and shepherding.

    David grew up on a farm near Olivet, S.D and graduated from South Dakota State University in 1978 with degrees in Biology and Dairy Manufacturing. After graduation, he served on active duty in the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, including a one-year tour in Korea. For over 15 years, David worked in quality assurance for companies such as Kraft Foods.

    In 1998, he moved with his family to Sioux Falls to be closer to his aging parents. David sensed a leading to attend seminary for more biblical training, so he enrolled in North American Baptist Seminary. During this time through Exodus 3:12, God confirmed that David was being “sent” even though the ‘how, when and where’ might not be clear. David knew the affirmation would come, but God was calling David to trust Him in the now.

    After completing an Education Ministries Masters Degree and an internship with Faith Baptist, David was hired as part-time pastor of Christian Education and Assimilation. In June 2004, David became part of the full-time staff.

    David has been married to his wife Evonne for more than 25 years. Their daughter Kimberly is a recent graduate of Grace University in Omaha, NE. He enjoys racquetball, basketball, reading, spending time with his family and working on home improvements.

    Email Pastor David: [email protected]

  • Jayson Wittrup

    Jayson Wittrup

    Pastor of First Steps & Worship

    Pastor Jayson is our worship and music ministries leader. He leads the congregation in singing songs that faithfully represent Jesus, clearly tell the gospel story and foster genuine affection for God. He also guides our First Steps ministry, which helps to welcome and connect new attenders at Faith Baptist.

    Jayson was born and raised in central Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University, with a degree in electrical engineering. He worked as a chip-designer for IBM in Rochester, MN for almost ten years.

    After committing his life to Christ, Jayson attended Crossroads Bible College and received a bachelor’s degree in ministry and accepted a full-time position with Grace Baptist Church in Grand Forks, ND. In August of 2012, Jayson, his wife Christi and their children – Dane, Lyla, Molly, and Andrew – joined the Faith Baptist family.

    Jayson enjoys reading theology and talking with people about spiritual matters over a cup of good coffee. He also enjoys playing guitar, disc golf, regular golf and the occasional pick-up basketball game.

    Email Pastor Jayson: [email protected]