Praying On-Site With Insight

Last night a modest gathering of Faith Baptist folks gathered at the new west campus building for a brief time of worship followed by heading out into the neighborhood to go prayer walking. We realized – too late perhaps – that there may have been too much ambiguity about what we meant by “prayer walking.” This may have led to confusion and possibly some intimidation?

Below are the brief instructions that Pastor Dana handed out to the group last night. Can I encourage you that you can do this any time in your own neighborhood! I did it this morning. I took 30 minutes and covered 6 blocks near my home praying the way Pastor Dana outlines below. It was a joy! What a great way to “own” the little piece of mission field that God has placed you on. If you live out in the “boonies” see the map at the bottom of this post (or print the prayer walk guide from HERE) and go to one of these neighborhoods and sow kingdom seeds with your prayers.

We are just ONE MONTH away from opening the west campus where Faith Baptist Fellowship will be officially One Church in Two Locations. Take a morning, or a lunch break, or an evening to go prayer walking and ask God to be working in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

“Praying on Site with Insight”

Our goals:

  • To seed prayer into the community around our new west campus site
  • To ask God’s blessing on the people and households surrounding this new gospel-preaching location
  • To be open to connections God may have designed for you as you walk and pray in this neighborhood

Our confidence: God delights in our desire to spread his praise onto the west side of Sioux Falls and will be powerfully at work as we pray, prepare, and trust him for kingdom impact.

The reality: We have an enemy who is opposed to the gospel and would like to thwart this gospel effort; yet, we know that “greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.” This kingdom of Christ cannot be shaken! Hallelujah!

Here are tips: Prayerwalking helps us cultivate alertness and watchfulness to pray insightfully in the very neighborhood where we desire to see God working (Ephesians 6:18; Colossians 4:2).

Keep it simple. Walk in pairs, or threes, and add the Lord to your conversation through prayer. Simply pray as you walk, conversationally, back and forth. There is no “right way” or “wrong way” as long as you are talking with your heavenly Father. Moments of quiet are all right also. If you have children with you, let them walk with you and listen in and pray if they would like. If you want to stop at corners and pray for a few moments, that’s fine. We are not trying to draw attention or make a scene, but neither are we ashamed to be praying!

As you pass households, pray for God’s blessing on those families and individuals. Pray for them as you might pray for your own family and friends. Pray with a kingdom mindset. “Your kingdom come, your will be done in this place, as it is in heaven!” Pray for gospel breakthrough. “May each man and woman, boy and girl, be drawn by your Holy Spirit, and may they hear the gospel, repent and believe, by the power of your Spirit.” Pray for the presence of our west campus to make a difference in the neighborhood. Ask God to bring a change of atmosphere through his presence and power: love, joy, peace, etc (the fruit of the Spirit) and HOPE to the hopeless through Jesus Christ. Pray Scripture! When you don’t know what to pray, pray the TRUTH of God’s word.

If you pass people in the neighborhood, washing the car or pulling weeds or playing with their kids, smile! Be friendly! If they engage, you can hand them one of the “churchwarming” cards and invite them on the 15th. If that leads to further interaction, let them know about the Launch Sunday on September 9th. They may well have seen the card that came in the mail about the churchwarming. Many will have seen the sign on the building. If you get a “cold shoulder,” that’s all right also. Don’t be unnerved. Your smile and friendliness won’t be forgotten, and the Lord may well use it at a later date!

Pray for Pastor Jayson and the west side team and core group. Pray for the south campus ministry as well. Pray for the Churchwarming next week, for the preview services, for any detail work still needing to be done, for God’s provision in every way, for the Launch Sunday, and for the coming ministry year.

Pray whatever the Spirit brings to mind! Pray by name for friends or family or co-workers who live on the west side, for the “lost sheep” the Good Shepherd wants to bring home.

2 Thessalonians 3:1 “…pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you…”

Prayer Map – West Campus

Certainly, do not limit your praying to these “zones.” These were chosen based on proximity to the west campus itself. In fact, there are already more neighborhoods close to the west campus than this map shows. And don’t forget – you can pray in your own neighborhood! After all, that’s where God has providentially placed you.