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A Helping Hand

SHARE is Faith’s benevolence ministry. Within certain limits, the SHARE Ministry uses available funds to assist with basic food, housing, utilities, or clothing needs for losses due to economic or personal hardship.

Financial assistance is first considered for regular attendees of Faith Baptist (any residency) and then for other residents of Lincoln or Minnehaha Counties who are experiencing financial need.

Share with Those in Need:

The SHARE ministry is funded by generous gifts from Faith Baptist attendees. Donations to the SHARE ministry are tax-deductible, but may not be designated toward a specific person or family.

To donate:

  1. Give to the special offering collected monthly at Faith Baptist, on Communion Sunday after each worship service.
  2. Donate Online. Please designate your special gift to the SHARE Ministry.

Apply for Help:

Regular Faith Baptist attendees (of any residency) and non-Faith Baptist attendees who are residents of Minnehaha and Lincoln county can contact the church during office hours (M-F 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.) at to begin the application process by calling 605.331.3800. Assistance is considered for food, housing, utilities and clothing needs.

Keep Exploring

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I am the Bread of Life. Whoever comes to Me shall not hunger…” Jesus Christ (from John 6:35)

“As we discuss financial assistance, what an awesome privilege we have to encourage fellow believers and to point unbelievers to Christ, the eternal Bread of Life, the One who satisfies a person’s deepest needs.”
Christa Olson, SHARE Ministry Coordinator