Faith Groups

faith group praying together

Faith Groups are gatherings of six to twelve adults who:

  • Study God’s Word
  • Strengthen each other’s relationship with Christ
  • Grow closer as a church family
  • Share and care for needs in the group
  • Serve the overall church body and community

Find a Faith Group

Adults of all ages are strongly encouraged to join a Faith Group. If you’re new to Faith Baptist, these groups will be essential in connecting you to the overall church family and helping you grow as a disciple of Christ. Faith Groups meet throughout the week, so you can find a time that works
best for you.

To learn more about or join a Faith Group, contact Mark Hecht or Pastor David Vilhauer. You can also fill out our Get Involved form.

Keep Exploring

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“Living the Christian life is more than attending a service on Sunday. Faith Groups encourage us to live out the gospel in community throughout the week. They help us care for one another and search for answers in God’s word.”
Pastor David Vilhauer