Bible Readings: June 11-17

Faith Bible Readings 2018

At Faith Baptist Fellowship, we Love God’s Word and Prayer (Ephesians 6:17-18)! Take the ‘sword of the Spirit’ (God’s Word) and persevere in prayer! In this year, ask God each day to speak directly to you from the Scripture portions you read.

Our plan for 2018 will be taken from the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan. Monday-Saturday we will focus on one main devotional passage; the additional readings will keep you on track to finish the entire Bible in one year. On Sunday, we will have a passage from the upcoming Sunday sermon along with questions for Faith Group discussion. 

We suggest having a notebook and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts/insights. Bring this notebook with you to Faith Group for discussions and prayer times. Select a quiet place and consistent time to read and pray.

Download PDF: Faith Bible Readings 2018 Jun 11-17

Abbreviations: TAI – Think About It | PP – Prayer Points


Read I Kings 13-14

TAI: The tragic division of the kingdom between north (Israel) and south (Judah) reminds Americans of our own sad Civil War. The Lord sends a prophet to confront the idolatrous Jeroboam in one of his false temples. Does Jeroboam’s frightening encounter with the judgment of God (his own disobedience, and that of the man of God) cause him to change his ways? Chapter 14 reinforces the fact that you cannot hoodwink God; he cannot be fooled. Yet the rule of Rehoboam in Judah is no better. The kingdom is a mess.

PP: The rejection of God’s law and his ways is commonplace; there are still those who think they can fool the Creator and successfully deny him. But God is not mocked. Humbly acknowledge to God the idolatry and blatant sin common in our world today. Thank him for sending Jesus to be our Savior. Ask God to help you discern any idols in your life—anything at all that usurps his place of wisdom and authority in your life. Today is the second day of our VBS! Pray for a powerful work of the Spirit in the lives of the children. Pray for our staff of 60 volunteers as well.

Additional readings: Luke 3:1-20; Ephes 4:25-32; Psalm 119:65-72


Read I Kings 15-16

TAI: The leadership intrigues related to north (Israel) and south (Judah) continue. What two qualities set Asa apart in his reign in Judah? Worth noting: Baasha becomes a tool for accomplishing the prophesied judgment against Jeroboam’s house, yet he is in turn judged for that murderous spree [ESV SB: “The fact that God had ordained that Jeroboam’s house be destroyed did not absolve Baasha of moral responsibility for his actions.]” Note the sad downward spiral of evils in the house of Israel, culminating in 16:32-24.

PP: These chapters serve us as a warning, for when sin enters in it is relentless and brings humanity down into depravity. Yet, one person willing to take a stand for God (like Asa) can truly impact generations. Ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit today, and ask him to give you grace to walk in holiness this day. Pray for the generations that look up to you (your children and grandchildren). Please pray again today for the children attending our VBS!

Additional readings: Luke 3:21-38; Ephesians 5:1-21; Psalm 119:73-80


Read I Kings 17-18

TAI: Who sent Elijah to speak to Ahab? Who provided sustenance for Elijah at the brook? Who supplied flour and oil to the widow during the draught? Who heard Elijah’s cry and brought the son of the widow back to life? How had Ahab troubled Israel? How was Israel limping between two opinions? Worth pondering: am I limping between the Lord and idols? What is the valuable lesson we learn from this dramatic encounter between Baal and the Lord? How did God show even more favor upon Elijah at this time?

PP: Praise God for his provision for Elijah, and for you! Ask God to deliver you from any hypocrisy (or being two-faced). Ask God to help you discern the presence of idolatry in your life, and eliminate it, by confess of sin and action. “Oh God, I know with certainty that you are the Lord, the true and living God, and that Jesus is the one and only Savior!” Continue upholding VBS in prayer this week.

Additional Readings: Luke 4:1-12; Ephesians 5:22-23; Psalm 119:81-88


Read 1 Kings 19-20

TAI: Elijah seems taken aback that Queen Jezebel does not back down after the stunning ruin of Baal. What can we learn from Elijah fleeing in fear? What can we learn from how the Lord responds to him? How does the Lord reveal his divine plan to Elijah? How does Elisha show his whole-hearted submission to the Lord’s call? Ch. 20 is apparently an interlude showing that despite Ahab’s rebellion, the Lord was still faithful to his promise to Israel, and that truly Elijah was not the only prophet speaking for God at this time.

PP:  Do you deal with fear? Tell the Father about your fears right now. Thank him for the reminder in Elijah’s story that “The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God!” Thank him for nourishment for both body and soul (even as our daily readings and prayer points are a kind of “soul food”). Tell God that like Elisha, you want to respond eagerly to his call and leading in your life. Praise God for his faithfulness to fulfill his promises to his people. VBS concludes.

Additional Readings: Luke 4:13-30; Ephesians 6:1-9; Psalm 119:89-96


Read 1 Kings 21-22

TAI: The story of Naboth and his vineyard illustrates the thorough corruption of Israel in the reign of Ahab and Jezebel, revealing also how the evil Jezebel entered in to the corruption. Yet even Ahab the corrupt is shown a temporary reprieve when he humbly repents. Chapter 22 concludes the first book with an account of false prophets speaking lies and the terrible cost of listening to them. It also illustrates that Jehoshaphat of Judah (who was righteous) sought to reconcile with Israel by cooperating with Ahab. Reflect on the high cost of corruption and listening to false teachers today.

PP: Express thanks to God that no matter what spiritual condition we find ourselves in today, repentance and turning to the Lord Jesus is possible! Amazing grace, how sweet the sound. Ask God to protect you, and our church family, from the dangers of false teaching and false prophets. Pray for our pastors as they preach and teach God’s word, and for our Elder Council overseeing us.

Additional Readings:  Luke 4:31-37; Ephesians 6:10-24; Psalm 119:97-104


Read 2 Kings 1-3

TAI: Ahab’s son soon has an encounter with Elijah the prophet. Why was Ahaziah inquiring of Baal? What was the sad outcome? What are the evidences that the prophetic mantle has passed from Elijah to Elisha? ESV SB: “The authors of Kings regularly show that contempt toward divinely called prophets is disastrous for God’s people.” Jehoshaphat’s willingness to partner Judah with Israel is witnessed once again in their joint attack on Moab. How does Elisha guide the kings? What evil and desperate act by the King of Moab inspires his troops to intense battle, sparing them slaughter?

PP: How do we pray in response to these chapters? We certainly can lament the evil and corrupt ways of Israel’s kings, and ask God to give us godly leadership. We can thank God for the righteous and God-honoring leadership of Jehoshaphat in Judah, and thank God for those today who seek to rule in a godly fashion. We can tell God of our desire to trust him and walk in his ways, according to his word, the Bible. And we can thank him for his faithfulness, always!

Additional Readings: Luke 4:38-44; Philippians 1:1-11; Psalm 119:105-112


Read Hebrews 11:1-7

TAI & PP: We come to the GREAT FAITH CHAPTER of Hebrews, ch. 11. Take time to ponder verse 1. What is faith? Verse 2 introduces a major part of this chapter: a “Hall of Fame of Faith” – as authors have occasionally dubbed it. How does faith relate to creation? Further, reflect on what we learn additionally about faith from v. 6. From these verses, upon reflection, what is the present condition of your faith?

Pray about your faith! Ask God to increase your faith. “Lord I believe; help my unbelief!” As we continue to study Hebrews, ask God to grow and sustain and deepen your trust in him.