Bible Readings: July 2-8

Faith Bible Readings 2018

At Faith Baptist Fellowship, we Love God’s Word and Prayer (Ephesians 6:17-18)! Take the ‘sword of the Spirit’ (God’s Word) and persevere in prayer! In this year, ask God each day to speak directly to you from the Scripture portions you read.

Our plan for 2018 will be taken from the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan. Monday-Saturday we will focus on one main devotional passage; the additional readings will keep you on track to finish the entire Bible in one year. On Sunday, we will have a passage from the upcoming Sunday sermon along with questions for Faith Group discussion. 

We suggest having a notebook and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts/insights. Bring this notebook with you to Faith Group for discussions and prayer times. Select a quiet place and consistent time to read and pray.

Download PDF: Faith Bible Readings 2018 July 2-8

Abbreviations: TAI – Think About It | PP – Prayer Points


Read Colossians 1:1-14

TAI: This letter was written by Paul while imprisoned in Rome. He did not plant the church at Colossae; Epaphras apparently did so (verse 7). Paul may have never visited the church there but is delighted in the reports of this church he has received.  He regularly prays for the saints there.  What three Christian virtues displayed by the church at Colossae does Paul mention in verses 4 & 5?

PP:  Ask the Lord to help you bear spiritual fruit. Ask for help in walking in a manner worthy of the Lord.  Give thanks to the Father for the wonderful inheritance you have as His child through the redemption he has provided you through His Son.

Additional readings: Luke 7:11-17; Psalm 123-124; 1 Chronicles 1-2


Read Colossians 1:15-29

TAI: Verses 15-20 may be a quotation from an early Christian hymn according to some scholars. This passage dwells on the divine person of our Lord Jesus. How many times does Paul use the personal pronoun he or him in reference to Jesus in verses 15-20?  Paul is clearly asserting the eternal preexistence of the Son. Read John 8:58 where Jesus himself asserts his preexistence when questioned by the Jews. When used in the Bible, mystery often means a NT truth not revealed in the OT. What is the mystery (verse 26) that was hidden for ages and generations?

PP: Thank the Father for the gift of His Son. Pray that as body of believers at Faith Baptist we would continue to have unity in Jesus Christ. Pray for the upcoming Puerto Rico mission trip and all the team members.

Additional readings: Luke 7:18-35; Psalm 125; 1 Chronicles 3-4


Read Colossians 2:1-7

TAI: Paul is confronting false teachers who were attempting to make inroads in the church at Colossae. Their heretical (unorthodox, incorrect) teachings were causing problems. He is warning the saints to be alert; the arguments and teaching of these teachers would be plausible to those without a firm foundation in the sufficiency of Christ. We should be like the Bereans (Acts 17:11) who tested everything preached against what scripture teaches. Why do you suppose that so many Christians, both then and now, are attracted to false teachers?

PP: Pray that your faith would be firm in Christ. Pray for God to bless our pastors and elders with Godly wisdom.  Praise and thank God for our spiritual leaders at Faith Baptist who prayerfully and humbly endeavor to always be faithful to God’s word in their preaching and teaching.

Additional Readings: Luke 7:36-50; Psalm 126; 1 Chronicles 5-6


Read Colossians 2:8-15

TAI: Note that Paul emphasizes Christ Jesus in these verses.  Today cults such as the Jehovah Witnesses (Watchtower Society) and Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) give Jesus Christ an eminent place in their teaching. However, they teach a Jesus other than the one described in God’s word.  The Jesus described by cultists is typically a created being and not fully an eternally existing God. Only Biblical Christianity gives Jesus the preeminent place he so rightfully deservesHow is Jesus described in verse 9?  Is not Paul clearly teaching that Jesus is God incarnate (in the flesh)?   The clear theme in Colossians is the preeminence and sufficiency of Christ in all things.

PP:  Pray that as we worship together as a congregation we would continue to make much of Jesus and His finished work on the cross.  Pray for Emily Danger and the all the worship team members (instrumentalists, singers, technical experts) as they lead us in worship each week.

Additional Readings: Luke 8:1-15; Psalm 127; 1 Chronicles 7-9


Read Colossians 2:16-23

TAI: The Colossian heresy is never identified by name in this letter, but it was an unholy mixture of angel worship, Gnosticism (secret knowledge), Jewish legalism (Sabbath and festival observance, avoidance of certain foods and drink, circumcision), and asceticism (treating the body harshly).  In verse 23 the ESV Bible describes this as “self-made religion”. Could this be part of the attractiveness of this teaching? Do these teachings exalt Christ or do they tend to undermine His redemptive work on our behalf?

PP: Continue praying for the West Campus launch and the members of the Core Group.  Pray that many people in the Sioux Falls area will respond to the invitations to attend worship services at this Campus and hear the clear Biblical teaching from Pastor Jayson.

Additional Readings:  Luke 8:16-25; Psalm 128; 1 Chronicles 10-11


Read Colossians 3:1-14

TAI: This passage emphasizes the believer’s union with Jesus in His death, resurrection, and exaltation.  It also prescribes for us as a body of believers how to deal with one another.  In verse 14 what is the one thing that unites all the virtues mentioned in verses 12 & 13?

PP: Pray that you would regard yourself as dead to the old way of sin and that you would consider yourself alive to Him in righteousness.  Praise God for the spiritual blessings you have as a believer in Jesus Christ.  Pray for Greg Friesner and the Care Team members as they redesign and prepare to launch the Care Ministry at FBF.

Additional Readings: Luke 8:26-39; Psalm 129; 1 Chronicles 12-14


Read Hebrews 11:32-40

TAI & PP: Pray for Pastor Dave as he continues preaching on the faith of the Old Testament saints. Ask God to touch the hearts and minds of all who hear the message. Note the OT characters mentioned in this passage.  The first five men mentioned had serious shortcomings and sin in their lives yet they are commended for their faith. Does that give you encouragement when you sin and fall short?  Note the mistreatment of God’s prophets and people in verses 35-38. Pray for believers in other countries who today face similar hardships.  Look at (Voice of the Martyrs) or for specific information about how you can pray for the saints being persecuted.