Bible Readings: Feb 4-10

Faith Bible Readings 2019

At Faith Baptist Fellowship, we Love God’s Word and Prayer (Ephesians 6:17-18)! Take the ‘sword of the Spirit’ (God’s Word) and persevere in prayer! In this year, ask God each day to speak directly to you from the Scripture portions you read. Select a quiet place and consistent time to read and pray.

Our plan for 2019 will be similar to previous years with one exception. Monday-Saturday we will focus on one main devotional passage; the additional readings will keep you on track to finish the entire Bible in one year. On Sunday, we will have a passage from the upcoming Sunday sermon along with questions for Faith Group discussion. In addition, we will include a “One Another” passage also for Faith Group discussion and personal application in caring for one another in the body of Faith.

We suggest having a notebook and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts/insights. Bring this notebook with you to Faith Group for discussions and prayer times.

Download PDF:Daily Bible Readings, 2019 Feb 4-10

Abbreviations: TAI – Think About It | PP – Prayer Points


Read Matthew 12:22-37

TAI: Who is the Son of David? Why would the people have used that title? Jesus points out that the Pharisees accusation makes no sense—why? What point is Jesus making in v. 28? Ponder awhile: what is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?

Last Sunday’s Mark message talked about the heart. How is the “fruit tree” illustration making the same point? What is a brood of vipers? How can anyone be “good”? Why are our words a reflection of an inner reality in us? Reflect: how has being a believer and disciple of Jesus impacted your speech, your words?

PP: Praise God in prayer that his power is far greater than the Evil One. Ask God to increase your faith, your consistent, daily trust in him. “Father I believe, help my unbelief!” Ask God to continue to sanctify your heart and life, to change you from the inside out. Ask that his Spirit’s presence and power in you be reflected in the words you say and your attitudes and actions. “Father I want to bear fruit!”

Additional readings: Acts 17:16-34; Psalm 28; Exodus 13-15


Read Matthew 12:38-50

TAI: What is the sign of Jonah? Why is it ironic that the religious leaders would ask Jesus for a sign? Who is the “something greater than Jonah”? …than Solomon? Concerning the unclean spirits and the “house”—Warren W. Wiersbe writes: “Beware of an empty life! It is a standing invitation for Satan to go to work. In the spiritual war being waged today, you cannot be neutral. You are either for Him or against Him.” (With the Word, p. 639) Who makes up the family of Jesus? Are you part of it?

PP: Praise God for sending Jesus, far greater than Jonah or Solomon: the Son of God our Savior! Thank God for the miracle of your new birth in Christ. Ask God to fill you today with his Holy Spirit, and to fill you also with the truth of his word, the Bible. Rejoice that you are part of the family of God, a child of God by faith in Jesus Christ, and ask God to help you to walk this day in the obedience of faith.

Additional readings:  Acts 18:1-17; Psalm 29; Exodus 16-18


Read Matthew 13:1-23

TAI: Jot down a couple lines for each of the four soils in the parable:

Soil #1:


Soil #2:


Soil #3:


Soil #4:


Why did Jesus teach in parables? What lesson do we learn from this?

PP: Ask God to make your soul “good soil” for hearing, receiving, and applying the truth and bearing good fruit. Ask God to enable you to be a fruit-bearing Christian today. Pray for some folks you hope to influence for Christ this week. Pray for a friend in need of Jesus.

Additional Readings:  Acts 18:18-28; Psalm 30; Exodus 19-20


Read Matthew 13:24-43

TAI: Jot down a brief summary of each parable:

The weeds:

The mustard seed:

The leaven:

How does Jesus explain the parable of the weeds?

What lesson do you take from this?

PP: Father, based on this parable, I am not surprised that among the good seed there are weedy people. I just don’t want to be one of them. I want to shine like the sun in your kingdom! I thank you that the gospel message is spreading all over the world and that your kingdom family is growing, strong and sure. Help me trust you with my whole heart, be filled with the Spirit, and let my light shine in the darkness of this world while anticipating the next. Thank you, God.

Additional Readings:   Acts 19:1-22; Psalm 31; Exodus 21-23


Read Matthew 13:44-58

TAI: How valuable is a place in God’s kingdom?

How valuable is a “pearl” is God’s kingdom?

On what basis will the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ be sorted in the end?

Why were the listeners in Jesus’ hometown astonished?

Why were his “mighty works” there limited to a degree?

Review for a few moments this chapter of parables. What lessons stand out to you? What did you learn about Jesus as a teacher?

PP: Express in a prayer of praise and adoration the great value and worth and beauty of God’s kingdom and your place in it as a child of God by faith in Christ. Thank God for the gift of forgiveness and righteousness through the cross of Christ. Express too your joy and amazement that the carpenter’s son is God the Son and your Lord and Savior! Pray for lost people in your sphere of life who do not yet know the great “pearl” of greatest price, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Additional Readings:   Acts 19:23-41; Psalm 32; Exodus 24-26


Read Matthew 14:1-21

TAI: Since we recently covered this territory in our Uniquely Jesus sermon series on Mark, read reflectively and ponder:

What details stand out to me in Matthew’s retelling?

What amazes me about the story of John’s death?

What amazes me about the multiplication miracle?

PP: Express to God your desire to be faithful to the truth as John was. Express also your amazement at God’s compassionate, miraculous power and glory. Thank God that his power is at work in your own life! Tell him that you trust him to meet your every need, most especially with the “manna” of the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ.

Additional Readings:  Acts 20:1-12; Psalm 33; Exodus 27-29


Read Mark 7:24-37

TAI & PP: Why is it so important to note that the woman was a Gentile and not a Jew? Was Jesus speaking in a mean or derogatory way to her? Why not? How did her response reflect great faith? What was the result? Jesus was certainly able to heal the deaf mute without touching his ears or his tongue, so why do you think he did so? “He has done all things well.” Can you say the same?

Care Point:  Romans 12:16”Live in harmony with one another.” Read this “one another” in its complete context (vv. 9-21). What makes living in harmony difficult? How does the context here in Romans 12 help us understand living in harmony? How do you think living in harmony is a testimony to those outside the church? Rejoice that we have enjoyed a measure of harmony at Faith Baptist Fellowship, and pray that it will continue and grow by the grace and mercy and help of God’s Spirit.