Bible Readings: April 8-14

Faith Bible Readings 2019

At Faith Baptist Fellowship, we Love God’s Word and Prayer (Ephesians 6:17-18)! Take the ‘sword of the Spirit’ (God’s Word) and persevere in prayer! In this year, ask God each day to speak directly to you from the Scripture portions you read. Select a quiet place and consistent time to read and pray.

Our plan for 2019 will be similar to previous years with one exception. Monday-Saturday we will focus on one main devotional passage; the additional readings will keep you on track to finish the entire Bible in one year. On Sunday, we will have a passage from the upcoming Sunday sermon along with questions for Faith Group discussion. In addition, we will include a “One Another” passage also for Faith Group discussion and personal application in caring for one another in the body of Faith.

We suggest having a notebook and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts/insights. Bring this notebook with you to Faith Group for discussions and prayer times.

Download PDF: Daily Bible Readings 2019 April 8-14

Abbreviations: TAI – Think About It | PP – Prayer Points


Read Psalm79

TAI: Like Psalm 74, a community lament “occasioned by a great disaster that fell upon Jerusalem” (ESV SB). Twin truths are stated here: 1. That an enemy has come upon God’s people and brought great destruction and death; yet 2. This is God’s doing in that God allowed this to happen because his people rebelled and sinned against him. So, the people now turn to God in repentance and seeking his aid (v. 8). Why should God do that? For his name’s sake (v. 9), for his glory. Thus, Jesus Christ atoned for our sins so that we are restored through the cross into fellowship with God, to the glory of God. In response, we give thanks to God (v. 13).

PP: A painful period for God’s people becomes for us a living illustration of the gospel: we have sinned; God sent his Son to atone for our sin; if we repent and trust God, he is faithful to deliver us through Christ. Pray a prayer celebrating these gospel truths. Thank God for his great, saving grace in Christ and deliverance.

Pray for our Usher team. Be sure to thank an usher this week!

Additional readings: Mark 3:20-35; 1 Corinthians 7:1-16; Joshua 20-21


Read Psalm 80

TAI: Another community lament psalm: note the repetition of vss. 3, 7, and 19 indicating the main point of the psalm. Why do the people need to be restored? How does God’s face shine in rescue of his people? What is the vine out of Egypt? What has happened to the vine? Who/What is the “boar from the forest”? How is the promise of a savior and deliverer foreshadowed in this psalm? How is this psalm a template for seeking spiritual revival and renewal?

PP: The repeated “main point” of this lament (vss. 3, 7, 19) provides a beautiful model of a prayer we can pray today. A prayer for…

  1. restoration – in what way do you seek God’s restoring power?
  2. O God of hosts – God is Commander & Lord of his heavenly army
  3. Let your face shine – Father show me your glory in Jesus, the Light of the World. Let his Light shine in me today.
  4. may be saved – saved eternally through Christ, or delivered from whatever is troubling you this week.

Pray for our Red Carpet Team. Be sure to thank them this week!

Additional readings:  Mark 4:1-20; 1 Cor 7:17-40; Joshua 22-23


Read Psalm 81

TAI: This “prophetic hymn” serves to “challenge God’s people to covenant faithfulness, speaking to them of covenant blessings or punishments that will come, depending on their response” (ESV SB). How does the psalm open? What period of time is recalled (from the history of the Jewish people)? Despite God’s deliverance, his faithful fulfillment of the covenant, yet the people became deaf to God’s voice and allowed strange gods (idols) in and then became stubborn of heart. Self-check: how are you responding to God’s word today?

PP: How easily we can become deaf to God’s voice in his word! It is a grave danger. Express to God your desire to hear him and heed him, to be a “doer of the word” who responds faithfully. Recall the hymn, “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love.”

Pray for our tech team and leader Aaron Myers. Thank them!

Additional Readings:  Mark 4:21-41; 1 Corinthians 8; Joshua 24


Read Psalm 82

TAI: There is nothing new about injustice and corruption. They are as old as humanity. This psalm wrestles with the reality that God reigns yet—for now—allows such iniquities to continue. How long will God wait? When will God give justice, rescue, and deliver (vv. 3-4)? The “gods” spoken of here (note the small g) may be human rulers, but whoever they are, their time is limited. See John 10:34-5 for Jesus perspective on this reference. Today we wonder, how long will it be before God brings justice? Answer: at the perfect time he will.

PP: Men are fools when they refuse to believe that God will, in his time, judge iniquity and “let justice roll down.” Ask God to help you trust his timing for completing all things. Ask him in the meantime to help you stand up for what is right. Commit to living in an honest and just way, loving others in Jesus’ name and being Christlike in your relationships. Ask God to give us just governmental leadership.

Pray for Allison Hoier and our faithful nursery team. Thank them!

Additional Readings:   Mark 5:1-20; 1 Corinthians 9:1-12; Judges 1-3


Read Psalm 83

TAI: This psalm is “geared to a situation in which God’s people are threatened by Gentile enemies who aim to destroy them” ESV SB. It is made clear that the enemies of God’s people are the enemies of God himself. How would this apply to Christian believers today? The enemies of the gospel today would love to destroy God’s people and seek to do so. Yet God has promised to deliver his flock and protect them from ultimate harm. In the end, v. 18 will be fulfilled as “every knee will bow and every tongue confess.”

PP: Pray for persecuted and suffering Christians around the world. Pray for a movement of God’s Spirit among those who oppose the gospel, that many would turn from darkness to light. Pray for bold courage and enduring strength for all of God’s people.

Pray for our custodians, Heidi and Sabrina. Thank them for serving!

Additional Readings:   Mark 5:21-43; 1 Corinth 9:13-27; Judges 4-5


Read Psalm 84

TAI: A psalm of extraordinary imagery and beauty, Ps 84 has been set to music often and is still sung today. It celebrates “pilgrimage to Jerusalem in order to worship at the temple” ESV SB. Imagine going on that journey, singing this song as you go, growing in wonder and delight at the prospect. Count the vivid word pictures and images used by the writers to bring life. Memorize vv. 11-12. Has God withheld anything you need for a godly life today? He has NOT!

PP: Pray your way through this psalm, line by line. Pray a prayer of delight and joy at the privilege of knowing Jesus and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit with eternity in God’s presence as your destination. One day at the throne of grace will make all of earth’s troubles worthwhile! “Come, Lord Jesus! Come!”

Pray for Linda and Deb in our church office. Thank them!

Additional Readings:  Mark 6:1-13; 1 Corinthians 10:1-13; Judges 6-7


Read Mark 11:1-11

TAI & PP: Palm Sunday! Pray for Pastor Dave V. and Pastor Jayson as they preach on these verses in our worship services. Pray for Pastor Dana as he concludes this morning a Prayer Weekend at our sister church, Calvary in Yankton, SD. What does Hosanna mean? Have you cried Hosanna in your own heart? Rejoice in thanksgiving that God sent his Son to be our Savior and Messiah. Blessed is he!

Care Point:  Ephesians 4:32  “…Be kind and compassionate to one another.” Where do kindness and compassion originate in us? How can we cultivate them? When is it hardest for you to be kind and compassionate? Ask God to help us be a kind and compassionate body at FBF. Ask God to show you (and your Faith Group!) someone in need of kindness this week.