Bible Readings: May 20-26

Faith Bible Readings 2019

At Faith Baptist Fellowship, we Love God’s Word and Prayer (Ephesians 6:17-18)! Take the ‘sword of the Spirit’ (God’s Word) and persevere in prayer! In this year, ask God each day to speak directly to you from the Scripture portions you read. Select a quiet place and consistent time to read and pray.

Our plan for 2019 will be similar to previous years with one exception. Monday-Saturday we will focus on one main devotional passage; the additional readings will keep you on track to finish the entire Bible in one year. On Sunday, we will have a passage from the upcoming Sunday sermon along with questions for Faith Group discussion. In addition, we will include a “One Another” passage also for Faith Group discussion and personal application in caring for one another in the body of Faith.

We suggest having a notebook and pen for answering questions and recording your thoughts/insights. Bring this notebook with you to Faith Group for discussions and prayer times.

Download PDF: Daily Bible Readings 2019 May 20-26

Abbreviations: TAI – Think About It | PP – Prayer Points


Read 2 Samuel 5-7

TAI: Why did David become “greater and greater” (5:10)? Why did it profit David greatly to “inquire of the Lord”? How often do you inquire of God, seeking his help and leading? The ark should not have been carried by a cart, but rather by the Levites. The result was disaster and fear. Why do you think Michal despised David in his hour of rejoicing? What was God’s response to David’s desire to build him a temple for the ark? Did David respond with hurt or anger? Describe his response.

PP: Ask your heavenly Father to be with you today in all you do. Ask for his guidance and wisdom in all your agenda items. Express to God your desire to walk in the obedience of faith in all your waking hours this week, at peace that God is with you. Pray a prayer of praise and rejoicing, honoring God for his greatness and every perfect attribute. Pray also with gratitude for every spiritual and material blessing that is yours in Christ Jesus (7:21-22 provide words to pray!).

Additional readings: Mark 14:12-31; 2 Corinthians 13; Psalm 109


Read 2 Samuel 8-10

TAI: According to the text, what was the key to David’s great military victories? Besides military prowess, what else characterized this period of David’s leadership (8:15)? Why was David so kind to Mephibosheth? What kindness did he show him? How is this account a picture of the gospel? What shame came upon David’s servants at the hand of Hanun the Ammonite? How did David respond? Throughout these chapters, David is a victorious warrior/king; yet, what is the Source of his many victories (10:12)?

PP: “Thank you, Heavenly Father, for adopting me into your family, giving me a seat at your table, and promising to provide for me through all of eternity! What an amazing, gracious God you are! Thank you for promising to be with me always, to never leave me or forsake me. Help me to inquire of you daily and to seek to follow Jesus all the days of my earthly life. No matter what may come my way, may I always give you the glory as the Source of my strength.”

Additional readings:  Mark 14:32-42; Galatians 1; Psalm 110


Read 2 Samuel 11-12

TAI: In light of the previous chapters, what foretells trouble as ch. 11 opens? As the story unfolds, how are David and Uriah shown in contrast? (This is master storytelling!) What sinful plot does David engage in to cover up his adultery? Notice the final statement of ch.11. Does it send a chill down your spine? What method does Nathan use to confront David? What is the beauty of that approach? How does David respond to the rebuke of Nathan? Why are the elders mystified by David’s response? What does it reveal?

PP: Sin! It is insidious. It creeps into our lives and causes untold pain. Tell God today about your struggle with sin. Confess to God any sin that has not already been confessed. Thank God for the Nathans who are willing to confront us in love and tell us the truth. Do you have such a friend? Pray a personal response to David’s story in these chapters. Be frank and honest with God. Receive his Spirit’s work.

Additional Readings:  Mark 14:43-52; Galatians 2; Psalm 111


Read 2 Samuel 13

TAI: Warren Wiersbe, “The next time sin looks attractive to you, remember David’s trials” (With the Word, p. 188). This is a hard read. David’s iniquity has opened a door for gross sin in his family. Amnon becomes an incestuous rapist, Tamar a woman scorned and shamed, and Absalom a murderer. Again Wiersbe, “David now begins to reap the harvest of sowing to the flesh, the painful consequences of forgiven sin. Of all the trials of life, the most difficult to bear are those that come from our own family because of our failures.”

PP: This chapter calls for lament. Are there trials in your life that call for lament, brokenhearted crying out to God? Pray such a prayer now. Acknowledge brokenness. Acknowledge hurt and pain. Tell God like it is, including confession if that is needed. Then thank God for his grace, his forgiveness, purchase at the cross, and his kindness. Bask in the joy of new life in Christ and promise of eternity future.

Additional Readings:   Mark 14:53-65; Galatians 3:1-14; Psalm 112


Read 2 Samuel 14

TAI: And now a series of events which David will come to regret. “This woman told a story to encourage David to do a wrong thing, restore Absalom without first insisting on repentance.” (Wiersbe) David had repented of his sin when confronted by Nathan, but now his murdering son returns home without repentance for his sin. Again Wiersbe, “Forgiveness that ignores justice is only a fiction…Forgiveness is not cheap; it is costly.” What price did God pay for the purchase of your redemption from sin? Be grateful!

PP: The NT calls us to repent and believe the gospel. The OT condemns “repentance-less worship” (Jeremiah 7:9-11). Have you repented of your sin and changed direction? Pray to God about that. If you are off course, turn and run to Jesus Christ! Pray a prayer to God expressing your gratitude for the blood-price that Jesus paid on the cross for you. Commit your way to the Lord. Walk with Jesus.

Additional Readings:   Mark 14:66-72; Galatians 3:15-29; Psalm 113


Read 2 Samuel 15

TAI: Chilling words: “So Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel.” Concerning Absalom, read Proverbs 6:16-19, and reflect. Seeds of dissent were planted and then bore bitter fruit. Ittai the Gittite is, like Ruth, a beautiful picture of faithfulness in the face of adversity. What picture of Jesus comes to mind as you read v. 30? David shows great wisdom with regard to both the ark and setting in place a means of communicating what is happening in Jerusalem.

PP: Turn Proverbs 6:16-19 into a prayer, expressing your desire to be exactly the opposite of what is described there: humble eyes, a truthful tongue, honoring life as a gift from God, glorifying God in all things, choosing righteousness, and a truthteller who loves harmony and unity in Jesus Christ. “God, give us godly leaders like this, in our church and our country.”

Additional Readings:  None


Read Mark 13:1-13

TAI & PP: Reflect on v. 13. “The one who endures to the end will be saved.” What are the keys to endurance in the Christian life? A life of prayer, surely, knowledge of God’s word and willingness to submit to it, the fulness of the Holy Spirit, fellowship with believers and a life of worship, engaging in kingdom ministry for the glory of God—these and more!

Pray for the pastors as they preach on this “endurance” text. Ask God for endurance in following Jesus. Ask for his help to “work for the night is coming.”

Care Point:  1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Encourage each other and build each other up.” What is the context of this statement in 1 Thessalonians 5? Tell your Faith Group of a time when another believer was a Barnabas, an encourager, to you. Talk together about how your group can be a source of great encouragement. What “builds up” others in their faith? Pray about this.